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Hello APWA Colorado Friends! 

The APWA Colorado Young Professionals (YP) Group is excited to announce they will be sponsoring a VIRTUAL BLOOD & FOOD DRIVE.  What does that mean?  Great question, it means that while we can’t all meet at one central location to donate blood or food and fraternize together, we can still feel some camaraderie while making an impact! 

Just because everyone has been socially distancing and staying home more than usual doesn’t mean the demand for blood has gone down.  In fact, many people haven’t given blood because they are limiting their exposure or aren’t able to during the pandemic so the supply is even lower than normal.  

Don’t want to give blood… can still help out and have a chance to win prizes!  Due to the economic hardships of COVID-19 along with the growing homelessness issue Colorado is facing, food banks desperately need our help, too.

This Virtual Blood & Food Drive will be from October 1st until November 30th.  We are asking for people to either donate blood for 5 chances to win and/or to donate 5 items of food (or $5 equivalent donation) for 1 chance to win up to 25 items. That’s a total of 10 chances to win per member. There will be a weekly gift card drawing so the sooner you start donating the longer you will be entered to win each drawing - so donate early and donate often ??

Special Bonus for YP members – Any YP member that participates in the drive will be entered to win 2x the normal number of chances to win.  Not a member yet?  No worries, it’s free – just email and we will get you signed up.

Extra Special Bonus for Blood Donors – When you donate blood, they are also testing for COVID antibodies. Did you have a killer headache, sore throat or cough earlier this year and want to know if you already had it? Give some blood and find out within a couple of weeks. If you test positive for antibodies, your blood (plasma really) can be used to help COVID sick people recover. (Note - It is NOT an active COVID-19 test)

Sign up at the following link to report your donations and start getting your chances to win gift cards:

APWA Colorado YP Virtual Blood & Food Drive Sign Up

Thanks to our generous sponsors at Alfred Benesch & Company and the APWA Colorado Chapter, we will be holding weekly drawings for gift cards to those that participate.  Gift cards will be from some of the APWA YP Committee members’ favorite local restaurants and shops – so you will be helping them out as well during these times!  Winners will be announced each week, so get your donations in and reported early to maximize your chances to win.  Be sure to take advantage of the YP 2x entries while you can.

Questions about the virtual drives or how to get involved with the YP group?  Contact Jess Hastings, YP Chair, at 

Some additional information:

Blood Donations

-You must feel healthy for a few days prior to donate – especially if you think you had COVID-19.

-At this time, donors must bring and wear a mask or cloth-based face covering when giving blood at most locations.  Double check with the donation center ahead of time.

-Walk-ins may be taken if possible, but appointments are strongly encouraged to allow for social distancing.

-Blood Donation = 5 Drawing Entries (10 for YP’s)

Food Donations

-Due to COVID-19, some food banks are not taking in-person drop-offs.  Make sure you confirm ahead of time.

-Feel free to get creative!  This is an honor system based drive so find someone in need and give.

-Food Donation = 5 Items of Food (or $5) = 1 Drawing Entries up to 25 Items (or $25) for 5 Drawing Entries (10 for YP’s)

Thanks again to our generous sponsors!




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