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Join us for the 2021 Spring Street Conference Virtual Sessions in April!  We will be hosting four FREE virtual sessions.  Please see the attached flyer.

Registration is limited to 100 per session and ten per agency.  You must register for each session separately.  Please note that only one person needs to register to receive the link if a group is watching from the same device.  If you are one of the first 100 to register, you will receive the link to the meeting the Monday prior to the session.  We will be recording the sessions and they are typically posted within a day.

CAUTION:  If your agency will be having multiple employees join to participate in these sessions at one location, please adhere to proper safety protocols as prescribed by the state's Public Health & Executive Orders regarding COVID-19 restrictions.

Session #1 - Public Works Lessons Learned from the Pandemic - Thursday, April 8, 10am-11:30am

Speakers: Steve Glammeyer, City of Fort Morgan, Scott Jackman, Town of Breckenridge, John Harris, Eagle County, Mark Jackson, City of Loveland

A panel of public works officials will provide an overview of how their agencies planned for and implemented mission critical public works services to address their community's needs during the COVID-19 pandemic.  The group will address topics such as prioritization of services, impacts on services, challenges encountered, lessons learned and innovative practices.

April 8 Recording:

Session #2 - Maintaining Gravel Roads - Thursday, April 15, 10am-11am

Speakers: Bill Langren, Douglas County, Scott Mattice, Pitkin County

Many roads in Colorado remain unpaved due to low traffic volume and/or economic constraint. Two local agency representatives will present on their best practices, lessons learned, and recommendations for success in maintaining gravel surfaced roads.

April 15 Recording:

Session #3 - Pavement Preservation - Thursday, April 22, 10am-11am

Speakers: Danny Smith, Town of Parker, Brian Kelley, Town of Castle Rock

Implementing pavement preservation treatments at the right time, on the right project, with quality materials offer a proven, cost-effective approach to extending the overall service life of your pavements. Two municipalities will present their best practices for optimizing infrastructure performance.

April 22 Registration Link

Session #4 - Public Works Shared Use Facilities - Thursday, April 29, 10am-11am

Speakers: Rod Meredith, Douglas County, Jay Valentine, City of Grand Junction

Shared use of public facilities and services is a way to maximize agency resources and increase return on investment of public dollars. Interagency cooperation helps to defray costs of operations and maintenance and to deliver better, cost-effective services to the community through creative planning, funding, and management partnerships - a win-win-win.

April 29 Registration Link

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