January 2014 Chapter Board Meeting MInutes

American Public Works Association

Colorado Chapter Board Meeting

Monday, January 27, 2014

9:00 a.m.

Marriott Park Meadows

Lone Tree, Colorado

Meeting Minutes



Pete Adler

Jodi Lessman

Brandon Wallace

Greg Hall

Renee Railsback

John Kirk

John McCarty

Steve Glammeyer

Terry Rogers

Lesley Thomas

Michelle Stevens

James Phelps

Jim Hougnon

Bob Manwaring

Pamela Weimer


Jill Marilley

Dave Frazier

Dave Zelenok

Jim Pequette

Abel Moreno

Melissa Jucha

1. Call to Order

Pete Adler called the meeting to order at 9:05 a.m. 

2. 2014 Board Welcome and Introductions

The group did self-introductions.

Recognition of Past Presidents

Pete Adler welcomed the Chapter Past Presidents in attendance and thanked them for supporting the Chapter with their attendance at the meeting and awards luncheon. 

3. Approval of minutes

The November 15, 2013 meeting minutes had previously been sent out as part of the agenda package.  Steve Glammeyer moved to approve the minutes as submitted and Jodi Lessman seconded.  The minutes were approved unanimously.

4. Jill Marilley, APWA Region IX Director

Pete Adler welcomed Jill Marilley, Region IX Director visiting from Seattle.  Jill thanked the group for inviting her.  Region directors try to visit all the Chapters in the region twice during their tenure.  She will address the group at the awards luncheon and plans to talk about the importance of public works employees during the Super Bowl.

5. Treasurer’s Report

Jodi Lessman reviewed the treasurer’s report that had previously been sent out in the agenda package.  There had not been any events since the last board meeting in November.  We are in the last year of our contract with Cvent and hope to be able to move our transactions over to the new Chapter website.

Renee Railsback presented a list of agencies that were awarded CLTAP scholarships in 2013.

6. West Slope Branch Update

Greg Hall, West Slope Chair, reported that the Branch had held their Annual Meeting in December.  This year they tried something new by inviting all of their membership to the luncheon and saw an increase in attendance of five extra members.

In reviewing their budget, they discussed the use of scholarship and training funds.  They plan to use some of those funds to help with tuition, travel, and/or lodging expenses for the Public Works Institute (PWI).  They would also like to look into using funds for the support of agency internship programs.

They have mapped their membership and would like to do an outreach to smaller communities.  One idea was to host a public works director’s brunch or breakfast at the Spring Street Conference in April.

7. Chapter Delegate Report

Dan Hartman had sent a link to the Chapter Board with a link to a National APWA informational webinar about the House of Delegates becoming the Council of Chapters.  Jill Marilley said that the National Board of Directors would like to utilize delegates for special group projects.

8. Director’s Reports

It was noted that we do need to form a bylaws review committee since it has been three years since the last review was done.  Steve Glammeyer, John Kirk and Pete Adler will be sitting on the review committee.  Greg Hall and Jim Hougnon will review the West Slope bylaws.

Pete Adler asked for volunteers to present awards to city council/board of county commissioners if agencies would like a presentation made.  The following agencies were assigned:

Administration – El Paso County – Dave Zelenok

Administration – Broomfield – Renee Railsback

Administration – Greenwood Village – John McCarty

Disaster/Emergency Construction – El Paso County – Dave Zelenok

Disaster/Emergency Construction – Garfield County – Brandon Wallace

Environment – Longmont – Terry Rogers

Environment – Loveland – Pete Adler

Environment – Delta – Jim Hougnon

Parks & Transportation – Lakewood – James Phelps

Parks & Transportation – Aspen – Brandon Wallace

Structures – Colorado Springs Utilities – Pete Adler

Structures – Black Hawk – Terry Rogers

Transportation – RTD – Bob Manwaring

Transportation – Littleton – Lesley Thomas

Transportation – Greenwood Village- John McCarty

Pamela Weimer will send an email to the awarded agency making them aware of the offer and providing the Board member’s contact information to them to contact directly to make arrangements

Committee Chairs and Liaisons

Pete Adler went over the list of committee chairs and board liaisons for 2014.  The updated list is attached to the minutes. Jill Marilley noted that liaisons don’t have to be on Board and if anyone has questions about any of the committees or are interested in participating they can contact her.

9. Future Events

Construction Inspection Conference – The Conference will be held at a new location this year; the Doubletree Hotel on Orchard Road in Greenwood Village.  Current registered attendance is 146 which is slightly lower than 2013.

Spring Street Conference – Steve Glammeyer and Renee Railsback reported that the conference agenda is close to being finalized.  The conference will once again be held at the Clarion Inn on April 23-25.  The golf tournament will be April 22.  They said they ran into a new situation this year concerning CDOT’s new standardized training.  They asked the Board to forward any suggestions for speakers to Steve and Renee.  Dave Frazier mentioned that CU Denver is instituting a master’s program for construction engineering in the fall of 2014.

Golf Tournament – Mark Proper will be chairing the golf tournament this year.  It had previously been decided to hold only one tournament since the tournaments have been losing money the past few years.  Mark is looking at a mid-level priced course in order to keep registration fees to approximately $75.  Plans will probably be finalized in the next month and the tournament will be held the first week of June.

Annual Conference – Michelle Stevens reviewed a list of topics that were gleaned from survey results.  The committee will be issuing a call for speakers in the next month.  There will be a social event on the first night of the conference that will be a comedian and/or casino night.  Michelle and Pamela Weimer plan to make a few visits to smaller communities to find out what topics they would like to see as well as promote membership and the benefits of APWA membership to those communities.  The target registration number is 200.  The 2014 awards luncheon will take place on Tuesday of the annual conference.  The Board plans to encourage project of the year winners to submit to the National APWA awards program.  Jill Marilley suggested having a board liaison work with the agency to assist in the submission process.

Snow & Ice Conference – Pete Adler reported that the Snow & Ice Conference will be held at the Embassy Suites in Loveland this year.  The committee toured the venue and received a bid.  The conference will also be partnering with the organization Clear Roads this year which will expand the conference.

10. Committee Reports

Public Works Institute – Pamela Weimer reported that the Institute has been going quite well.  The student’s responses on each session’s assessments are positive and feel the instruction is worthwhile.  The committee will be meeting in February to discuss the format of the 2014-2015 sessions that will most likely be held on the West Slope.  Steve Glammeyer and Jim Hougnon asked to call in to the meeting to provide input.

Young Professionals – Melissa Jucha and Emily Flagg are chairing the committee.  Melissa gave some background information on the Young Professionals (YP) group that is in its third year at the National and Chapter level.  The goals, vision, and mission statement are to promote public works young professionals at the state level, promote social events, help the Chapter with various projects, and serve and maintain the community.  The target age group is up to age 40 in all public works fields.  The group is open to APWA members & non-members.  Some of their events will include networking events, tours, social events and opportunities for professional development.  The group will hold their first event the end of January.  They currently have responses for 40 attendees.  After the event they plan to survey the group for ideas and involvement.  After the survey they will submit a budget request to the Board but are looking to use a combination of event fees, corporate sponsors, and chapter support for approximately four to six events in the upcoming year.  They are also looking for partnering opportunities with other similar professional organizations as a long term goal.  Melissa asked the Board for suggestions or interest in mentoring the group.  Steve Glammeyer suggested that as the Board reviews the Chapter bylaws that they consider a Young Professionals director position as several other chapters have done.  Jill Marilley mentioned that the Board can appoint a non-voting member in that position at any time.

Student Outreach Network – Melissa Jucha was part of the Emerging Leaders Academy that developed a student outreach network program and she asked the Board to reach out to alumni and promote the network.  There will be an announcement in the winter newsletter promoting the group.  Lesley Thomas mentioned that the Colorado School of Mines is on fall break during the Annual Conference and asked if it would be possible to offer a discounted rate to students to attend the conference.  Michelle Stevens will ask the committee to look into that option. 

11. Administrator Report  (Pamela Weimer)

Newsletter – The winter newsletter will come out in approximately ten days.  The spring edition deadline is Friday, April 4, 2014.  Pamela asked the board to submit suggestions for articles to her.

Awards - Most of the last month has been spent working on the awards luncheon with making arrangements, registrations, plaque orders, script, etc. There are 175 registered; five-8 person table sponsorships, four-10 person table sponsorships, and 17 past presidents.  Last year we had 272 registered so obviously a decline in attendance but with fewer categories and fewer winners, a lower number is to be expected.  She went over the awards program and the directors and officers that will be presenting.  The hotel employees had significant trouble in setting up the booth due to cracked and missing pieces so the Board decided to have Jodi Lessman and Pamela look into the purchase of a new booth that is more sturdy and easier to set up.

Snow & Ice Conference – Pamela will continue on as the exhibitor coordinator for the conference and will be working with the committee chair and the venue on the new layout as well as with Clear Roads in bringing in their exhibitors.

Construction Inspection Conference – Pamela will be attending the conference for a short time to take photos but will need to leave to attend another conference meeting and the Public Works Institute.

Membership - Current membership is 738 which is down 1.86% for the year.

Annual Conference – Pamela is helping with administrative tasks as well as graphics and marketing.  She hopes they will be able to get the sponsorship package out in February.

Public Works Institute – She continues to help with setting up sessions, lunches, registration, CEU’s and tabulating survey results each session.

Website – Pamela has received access to the new Chapter site and will be working on getting current items loaded.  She had asked for the site to be set up without any previous information on it so that will need to be cleaned up before starting to load new information.  If there are things that you would like to see added to the website, please let Pamela know.

Young Professionals – Pamela mentioned that she had met with Melissa Jucha and Emily Flagg and will provide whatever support they need as they start this new committee.

12. Next meeting date and location

Pete Adler had sent out a calendar of events to all the board members previously and had asked the group to plug those dates into their calendars.

The next meeting will be held at the Spring Street Conference on Thursday, April 24, 2014, 1:00pm at the Clarion Inn in Grand Junction.

13. Adjournment

The meeting was adjourned at 11:12 a.m.



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