January 2013 Chapter Board Meeting Minutes

American Public Works Association

Colorado Chapter Board Meeting

Monday, January 28, 2013

8:30 a.m.

Denver Marriott South at Park Meadows

Lone Tree, Colorado



Steve Glammeyer

Pete Adler

John Kirk

Jodi Lessman

Dave Zelenok

Bob Manwaring

Terry Rogers

Greg Hall

Lesley Thomas

Jim Hougnon

John Harris

Ken Linhardt

Michelle Stevens

Paul Hindman

James Phelps

Pamela Weimer

Past Presidents:

Dave Frazier

Abel Moreno

Dan Hartman

Ron Hellbusch

Ned Williams

Ted Borstad

Scott Tucker

Jim Pequette

Bryan Weimer

Larry Schneider

Marlene Crosby

Terry Perkins

  1. Call to Order  (Steve Glammeyer)

Steve Glammeyer, President, called the meeting to order at 8:43 a.m.

 2. Introductions

Attendees made self-introductions.  Steve Glammeyer welcomed the Past Presidents to the meeting.

 3. Approval of Minutes – November 2012 Meeting  (John Kirk)

The November 16, 2012 minutes were distributed in the agenda package emailed to the Board members prior to the meeting.  Dave Zelenok motioned to approve the minutes as submitted and Terry Rogers seconded the motion.  The minutes were approved unanimously.

 4. Treasurer’s Report  (Pete Adler)

Pete Adler reviewed the Treasurer’s Report that had been included in the agenda package and highlighted a few items.

               •  Cvent fees were charged in advance to committees that use the service based on previous year’s usage.

               •  The Chapter’s overall financial position is good.

               •  Payments and deposits had been made for facilities for the Construction Inspection Conference and the Spring Golf Tournament.

               •  Pete has transitioned the accounts/books over to the new Treasurer, Jodi Lessman.

Ken Linhardt motioned to approve the Treasurer’s Report, John Kirk seconded, and the report was approved unanimously.

 5. West Slope Branch Update  (Greg Hall)

West Slope Elections:  Newly elected West Slope Chair, Greg Hall, reported that their elections were recently completed.  Brandon Wallace will be the new At-Large Director on the Chapter Board.

Spring Street Conference:  The Spring Street Conference will be April 16-19 at the Clarion Hotel in Grand Junction.  This is a new location this year.  The next Chapter Board meeting will be held on Thursday of the conference.  The golf tournament is held the day before the conference starts.  Steve Glammeyer told the Board they are welcome at all West Slope meetings and invited the Board to attend the entire Spring Street Conference.

West Slope Budget:  The West Slope Branch passed their budget at their Annual Meeting in December.  Funds, after expenses, are used for scholarships.  $6,000-$10,000 will be awarded.  The past few years, there have been few applicants.  Any West Slope students going to a Colorado college or university are eligible.  They included a line item in their budget for training that may be used by West Slope agencies for the Public Works Institute. 

6. Chapter Delegate Report  (Paul Hindman)

Paul Hindman submitted the complete delegate report as well as a report from the new Region IX Director, Jill Marilley in the agenda package.  Paul highlighted a few items:

               •  National membership numbers showed a slight increase the previous year.  The 2012 “First Time Member” Campaign has been very successful.  The campaign allows for anyone who has not been a previous member to join APWA for $82.  The “We Want You Back” campaign was recently launched that offers former members whose membership expired at least 18 months ago, the opportunity to rejoin for a discounted rate.  Dave Zelenok brought up the issue that there isn’t a monetary incentive for the Chapters to recruit members.  Paul mentioned that National is aware of that issue as well as the retention of members and is trying to address it with offering additional educational opportunities to members such as the ability to download webinars from National’s website for free that can be used for individual or group sessions.  Dan Hartman suggested reading the book “Race for Relevance: 5 Radical Changes for Associations” by Harrison Coerver that discusses changes that are necessary to maintain influence and thrive and avoid challenges faced by old association models.  Paul will bring this issue up at the regional meeting in May and Steve Glammeyer, Pamela Weimer and Jodi Lessman will discuss it at the Chapter Leadership Training the end of February.

               •  Technical committees are being asked to update Click, Listen & Learn webinars in the Members Library.

               •  The Donald C. Stone Center (DCSC) is starting its second year with growing  participation.  The Center offers credentialing at three levels; Public Works Supervisor, Public Works Manager, and Public Works Executive.  National is having the technical committees review the curriculum.

               •  Paul encouraged applying for the Jennings-Randolph fellowship which is an opportunity to spend a week in Australia, New Zealand, Czech/Slovak Republic, or Mexico to study what is being done in the public works field in those locations.  If you are interested, contact Paul, Dan Hartman, Dave Zelenok or Keith Reester.

               •  Paul will be attending the Delegate meeting in Lake Tahoe the first week in May.  Four regions will be attending this meeting.

 7. Director’s Reports

The Board reviewed the list of Chapter and National committees, chairs, and liaisons and revised the lists.  The updated list is attached to the minutes.  Changes are noted below:

ACEC:  Ken Linhardt will be the liaison to this similar professional organization with common educational goals.

Audit Committee:  John Kirk will head the committee that includes Bob Manwaring and Keith Reester.  (Committee members cannot have check writing authority.)

Awards Committee:  This committee is headed by the President-Elect; Pete Adler will lead this committee in the fall.

Chapter Leadership Social:  This event has not been held in recent years but may become part of the Annual Meeting or an event sponsored by the Past Presidents Committee.

Committee Chair Training:  The board felt this committee is unnecessary so it has been disbanded.

Congress Chapter Dinner:  Pete Adler with Keith Reester’s assistance will be chairing the event this year.  They are planning to try something new by holding it on Monday night so that vendors can attend and that may make it easier to find sponsors to help underwrite the event.

Nominating Committee:  Chair is the current Past President, Dave Zelenok.

Public Works Director’s Lunch:  This event used to be held during the Colorado Municipal League conference but attendance had been low.  The Management+ Conference may be a better target for attendance and could be done at the conclusion of the conference at noon on Friday.  Dan Hartman will work with the committee on the lunch.  It was suggested to use a more ambiguous title in order to reach a broader audience.

National Leadership/Management Committee:  Dan Hartman is the National chair.  John Kirk will be the new liaison to the Board. 

National Winter Maintenance Committee:  Larry Schneider sits on the National committee.

National Strategic Planning Committee for Global Solutions:  Dan Hartman and Keith Reester are on the committee. 

National Small Cities/Rural Communities:  It is at forum status with National.  Marlene Crosby has worked with this group.  It addresses communities under 100,000 in population and looks at more rural communities rather than urban small communities.  The have worked to have programs at Congress that address issues affecting this demographic.  The Board would like to encourage committees to have recognition/involvement of smaller communities.  Jim Hougnon will monitor the group.

 8. Committee Reports

Spring Golf Tournament:  Ken Linhardt is looking for a location for this year’s tournament.  They are looking to hold the tournament in September to avoid a conflict with Congress that is the last week in August.  If you have a suggestion for the location, contact Ken.

Past Presidents Committee:  The Action Plan will be discussed later in the meeting.  Pete Adler noted that a line item of $400-$500 had been added in the 2013 budget to cover meeting expenses for the Committee.  

National Water Resources Committee:  Paul Hindman reported the draft stormwater regulations will be coming out in June.  The 2013 Congress will have a stormwater summit split over two days and will coincide with some technical sessions.  On Monday afternoon the focus will be on the draft of regulations in order to get talking points that can be sent to public works agencies for their response.  The new regulations are due to be adopted in December 2014.  Tuesday afternoon will discuss TMDL’s.  Nationally, the committee is monitoring Congress and is lobbying for more funds for water resource projects.  The Annual Meeting for the Water Resource Committee will be in Washington DC the first week in May where they will meet with the EPA during that time.  Locally, Colorado Coalition for Clean Water has been formed at the County level to address issues with the EPA.

Management+ Conference:  The Conference will be held May 2 & 3, 2013 at the Doubletree.  It is the same location, formerly the Red Lion Hotel.  The agenda is in the process of being confirmed.  It will be a mix of management and technical topics.  This year’s theme is “Let’s Go Big!”  The price will be the same as last year.

Dave Zelenok said that he had met with Steve Markovitz (CDOT) concerning Intergovernmental Agreements (IGA).  Don Hunt, CDOT Executive Director, has asked for CDOT to put together an advisory council made up of senior CDOT officials and local agencies to look at how to streamline the process.  Mr. Markovitz has asked APWA to help form the advisory council and at this point, the Chapter is the only organization that CDOT has reached out to. Dave asked the Board if they feel it would be appropriate for APWA to take part and if there would be interest from members of the Board.  It was agreed that it would be good to take part.  Pete Adler moved to approve the Chapter’s participation in the advisory council, Jim Hougnon seconded and the motion was approved unanimously.  Dave will take the lead; Bob Manwaring & Lesley Thomas (local agency) volunteered as well as Greg Hall (West Slope) and Michelle Stevens (consultant).

Historical documentation:  Pamela Weimer asked for help from committee chairs, directors and past presidents in providing any historical documentation they have to help in putting together the Resource Manuals for committees. 

9. Administrator’s Report  (Pamela Weimer)

Awards:  Pamela worked with Steve Glammeyer in putting together the Awards Luncheon.  She designed and sent out the event flyers, set up registration, ordered plaques, designed the program booklets and scripts, and put together the PowerPoint presentation for the luncheon. There are 271 registered for the luncheon; 10 8-person table sponsorships, 8 10-person table sponsorships and 14 past presidents.  She is working on having some of this year’s projects printed for the APWA display booth.  Some of the photos aren’t of the best quality so she is working with the printer to get the best prints possible.

Steve Glammeyer announced that the William E. Korbitz award will be presented to Dave Frazier.  Dave thanked the Board for the honor.

Newsletter:  The January newsletter will go out next week so that it can include photos from the Awards Luncheon.  The next newsletter will be published in April with the deadline for submissions on Monday, April 1, 2013.

Construction Inspection Conference:  Pamela has been attending the planning meetings since last summer and will attend the conference at the end of the week and help wherever is needed.

Cvent:  Pamela continues to do training with Cvent as she learns the system.

National Membership Webinars:  Pamela continues to monitor the webinars with the next one scheduled for January 29th.  She has not received the membership map from National yet but will forward on to the Board once she receives it.  She is putting together a membership package that can be used for new members to the Colorado Chapter and will submit to the Board for their review.

Management+ Conference:  Flyers with registration information will go out in February.

Snow & Ice Conference:  She has volunteered to help the committee with their arrangements as one of their committee members will be leaving after this year.  She will “shadow” the committee member throughout the year.

Website:  On a recent webinar it was mentioned by the National APWA representative that the new website template will come out sometime in the spring but there hasn’t been any direct communication from National with an update.

Past Presidents Committee:  Pamela has been attending the meetings and will help with the work program activities if the plan is approved by the Board.

Young Professionals Group:  National APWA has been holding conference calls with the Young Professionals Group and Chapter representatives.  National’s goal is to have an active group in each Chapter.  The Chapter Board and Committee Chairs succession plan was discussed by the Past President’s Committee as an area that needs to be addressed.  Having an active Young Professionals Group would help to address this issue.  Pamela asked for each Board member to look within their agencies for one or two people that would be interested in being involved with this group and email her their contact information.  She will work on finding a chair from that group that she can work with to set up a committee within the Chapter.

Coalition List:  At the July Board Meeting, it was decided to put together a list of contacts of other similar professional organizations that the Chapter could look to partner with in its activities such as “Lunch & Learns”.  The contact information can be emailed to Pamela.

10. Past Presidents Action Plan  (Ron Hellbusch & Ned Williams)

The agenda item memorandum, attachments, 2010 Strategic Plan and 2010 Member Survey had been included in the agenda package.  Ron Hellbusch and Ned Williams reviewed the history from previous meetings.  Since the July meeting Ron & Ned have met with Dave Zelenok, Steve Glammeyer and Pamela Weimer and worked on refining the Action Plan and including specific recommendations of how to institute the Action Plan.  Recommendations are two-part:

  1. Board adopts the Draft Scope of Work for the Chapter Action Plan.  Adoption does not guarantee that the Scope be fully implemented but provides guidance, perspective and reference for future Boards.

  2. Board approves a 2013 Work Program to begin implementation of the Action Plan.  The first three categories would be the most logical to focus on initially after which the last three categories could be addressed.

    •  Review Chapter’s current activities

    •  Education / Professional Development / Training

    •  Membership Involvement / Networking

    •  Sponsorships

    •  Communications

    •  Partnerships

               The 2013 Work Program recommendations:

  1. Review of the Chapter’s Current Activities:  A critical evaluation of each committee and their activities helps the Chapter understand if it is meeting the membership’s needs bearing in mind that needs are different for front range, eastern plains, and west slope as well as many demographics.  It is recognized that many of the current activities are successful so it is important to sustain that success as well as question if something can or should be changed.  A committee would need to be formed to develop evaluation criteria, identify if there is enough variety in current programs, recognize where the Chapter is effective, and identify weak areas.  This evaluation could take three to six months to complete.

  2. Education / Professional Development / Training:  Develop six to eight educational events on current topics that could be conducted either in person or through the use of video conferencing.  These could include “Lunch and Learn” type formats or the use of Click, Listen & Learn webinars.

  3. Membership Involvement / Networking:  A Chapter Annual Meeting should be held.  This could be a combination business and social event, perhaps with an overnight stay included.  A committee would need to be formed to plan and implement this event.


    After discussion, Greg Hall made a motion to approve the Draft Scope of Work.  Dave Zelenok seconded and the Scope of Work was unanimously approved.  John Kirk motioned to approve the 2013 Work Program with recommendations as outlined in the memorandum.  Dave Zelenok seconded.  The motion was unanimously approved.  The group discussed the budget that would be needed to help implement the Work Program.  Greg Hall motioned to approve $5,000 seed money.  Bob Manwaring seconded and the motion was unanimously approved. 


    Review of Chapter Activities:  A committee was formed with Pamela Weimer, Steve Glammeyer, Ron Hellbusch, Ned Williams, James Phelps and Lesley Thomas.


    Education/Training:  It was suggested to partner with similar professional organizations so that attendance could be increased with a broader reach.  Contacts from the coalition list will be used.  It is important to move events around the state and utilize videoconferencing so that it reaches all communities.  Initially it will be quarterly events.  Dave Zelenok will lead this task.


    Annual Meeting:  Michelle Stevens and Abel Moreno have agreed to chair the committee.  Michelle had done research and submitted an outline of tasks and time frames.  Pamela Weimer will email the outline to the Board.  Michelle and Abel will work with Pamela to form a committee to start this process.


    Dave Zelenok thanked Ron & Ned for all their work on this project and remarked that this new momentum is built on the legacy of the past Chapter groups.

11. Next meeting, date, time and location

The next meeting will be held at noon on Thursday, April 18, 2013 at the Clarion Inn in Grand Junction.


Steve Glammeyer thanked Dave Zelenok, Keith Reester, and Laura Kroeger for their service on the Board with a gift basket of west slope items.

 12. Adjournment

Steve Glammeyer adjourned the meeting at 11:15 a.m.


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