April 2013 Chapter Board Meeting Minutes

American Public Works Association

Colorado Chapter Board Meeting Minutes

Thursday, April 18, 2013

1:15 p.m.

Clarion Inn

Grand Junction, Colorado



Steve Glammeyer

Pete Adler

John Kirk

Jodi Lessman

Dave Zelenok

Terry Rogers

Greg Hall

Pat Henricksen

Susie Hervert

Jim Hougnon

John Harris

Ken Linhardt

Sean McCormick

Michelle Stevens

James Phelps

Brandon Wallace

Pamela Weimer

Excused Absences:

Paul Hindman

Bob Manwaring

John McCarty

Lesley Thomas

1. Call to Order  (Steve Glammeyer)

Steve Glammeyer, President, called the meeting to order at 1:15 p.m. and thanked everyone for coming.  The group did self-introductions.

2. Approval of Minutes – January 2013 Meeting  (John Kirk)

The January 28, 2013 minutes were distributed in the agenda package emailed to the Board members prior to the meeting. Jim Hougnon motioned to approve the minutes as submitted and Terry Rogers seconded the motion.  The minutes were approved unanimously.

3. Treasurer’s Report  (Jodi Lessman)

Jodi Lessman reviewed the Treasurer’s Report that had been included in the agenda package and highlighted a few items.

               • Jodi Lessman and Pete Adler are working to get Jodi on the investment account.  The West Slope and Chapter accounts have been transitioned.

               • Payments have been made for the CAPA NCAT Scholarships, additional plaque orders, and the awards banquet and Construction Inspection Conference facility expenses.

               • Upcoming expenses include the Spring Street Conference, Management+ Conference and the Spring Golf Tournament.

Iron Mountain:  Pete Adler asked the board to make a decision on the Iron Mountain storage account.  Pamela Weimer had all the remaining boxes taken out of storage along with the booth.  Pete, Pamela and Jodi Lessman will go through the boxes and will probably be able to purge many of the old documents that are now in electronic format.  Eliminating the Iron Mountain account would save the Chapter approximately $2,000 annually.  The Board agreed to close the account. 

               John Kirk, Chair of audit committee, reported that the committee had reviewed the books and had matched to the penny! Ken moved to approve the Treasurer’s report, Pete seconded and the report was approved unanimously.

 4. West Slope Branch Update  (Greg Hall)

Greg Hall reported that the west slope scholarships were awarded at the Spring Street Conference luncheon with some of the recipients attending.

The West Slope Branch is planning to use some of their funds to help members attend the Public Works Institute.  Susie Hervert noted that the Branch is forming an internship program to help smaller organizations with funding to get training for their employees.  They would match the agency to help fund the salary of the intern.  Steve Glammeyer said the idea had come from APWA National’s Leadership Training in February.  Some of the other Chapters have done this and it has worked well leading more recipients to return to the public works industry, which is not always true of the college scholarship winners. 

Steve Glammeyer reported that Spring Street Conference registration was up this year to almost 200 attendees with more agencies represented.  Holding the Conference at the Clarion this year was approximately $2,000 less than last year’s expense.  Susie Hervert thanked Steve Glammeyer for all his time and effort in putting on the conference.

 5. Chapter Delegate Report  (Steve Glammeyer in Paul Hindman’s absence)

Paul Hindman submitted the complete delegate report in the agenda package. If board members have questions about anything contained in the report, questions can be sent to Paul Hindman.

 6. Director’s Reports

ACEC:  Ken Linhardt attended the ACEC awards and has been going to their meetings.  They are interested in working with us to do some joint projects.  It has been suggested for the ACEC Board and the Chapter Board to meet to discuss partnering opportunities.

Street Lighting Conference:  Dave Zelenok updated the group on the discussion the Board had in April 2012.  Agencies that are in the Xcel service area are charged approximately $14/month per streetlight.  Recently the Public Utilities Commission ordered that Xcel must give municipalities the same rate as CDOT.  This ruling does not affect private industries like the Rural Electric Association (REA).  The Town of Breckenridge has been on the forefront making changes to address this issue but have not had a report issued yet on the savings.  Golden and Westminster are trying to buy their streetlights and be able to get the lower rate.  Dave suggested that the Chapter should find a way to disseminate this information via CLL or webinar.  Ken Linhardt made a motion to approve funds to hold a workshop or webinar to educate the membership, John Kirk seconded and the motion was approved unanimously.  Dave Zelenok will make the arrangements for the training.

PACE Award:  Jim Hougnon said that the Chapter is now eligible to apply for the PACE Award from National APWA.  He has started the process and will work with Pamela Weimer on submitting for the award.

 7. Committee Reports

The updated Committees, Chairs and Liaisons spreadsheet had been issued in the agenda package.

Fall Golf Tournament:  Ken Linhardt has started work on the fall golf tournament.  It will be held on September 23 at Perry Park in Larkspur.  In order to break even, there needs to be 66 participants.  The rate will be $75 for public works employees and $95 for other registrants.  The fee covers lunch, green fees, range balls and prizes.

CARMA:  Steve Glammeyer appreciates the work of CARMA on the Spring Street Conference held jointly with APWA.  The next event for them will be the Winter Workshop in November.

Management+ Conference:  Michelle Stevens asked for the Board to reach out to their organizations for registration for the conference to be held on May 2 & 3.  She highlighted some of the topics including the design and construction of the Hoover Dam Bypass, CDOT reconfiguration, DIA South Terminal expansion and Lincoln, Nebraska’s innovative idea of using a competition to find creative ways to address current and future challenges in intersection design.

Spring Golf Tournament:  The Spring Golf Tournament will be held May 29th at Arrowhead Golf Course.  Currently there are 63 participants registered and four sponsors. 

Public Works Institute:  Tentative agendas have been set for the first three months.  This first year the classes will be held at the Urban Drainage and Flood Control District (UDFCD) office.  UDFCD has graciously offered the use of their facility at no cost.  The application form and marketing materials are being finalized.  There will be an article in the Spring Newsletter and information will be posted on the Chapter website.

Snow & Ice Conference:  Pete Adler reported that the person who had previously been the vendor coordinator had resigned.  The conference will be held in Estes Park, September 25-27.

Western Slope Snow & Ice Conference:  Sean McCormick said that the conference in Gunnison will be held on September 4.

Congress:  Steve Glammeyer showed a video that National APWA had sent promoting the event.  If possible, we will post the event on the website.

8. Administrator’s Report  (Pamela Weimer)

Newsletter:  The Spring newsletter will come out in April.  Pamela shared that 1969 Chapter President G.J. “Jerry” Weiss had agreed to do the Past President’s spotlight article.  He had shared some great stories and photos that will be used in future newsletters as well.

Awards:  Additional plaque orders are being processed and mailed.

Construction Inspection Conference:  Pamela attended the Conference and reported that attendance had increased to 138 this year.  Wanda DeVargas chairs the event and does a great job.

Cvent:  She continues to train and learn the system; most recently by setting up the Spring Golf Tournament and Management+ Conference events.

Management+ Conference:  Provides support to the committee including meeting arrangements, minutes, flyers and will work registration at the event.

Snow & Ice Conference:  Pamela will be taking over the vendor coordinator duties.  She will be meeting with Larry Schneider to start the transition.

Website:  The rollover of the website to the new template will take place in the next few weeks.  Pamela will spend some time cleaning up the information from the current website and making sure information is updated before the rollover.

Chapter Activities Review:  The survey was sent out under a cover letter from Steve Glammeyer.  Once the information is received she will compile it for review by the committee.  She will also put together resource manuals for the committees that provide the requested information.

Annual Meeting:  Pamela has been on the conference calls with Michelle Stevens and Abel Moreno and providing support as needed.

Quarterly Networking Events:  Dave Frazier arranged a meeting with Marilen Reimer (ACEC), Ken Linhardt and Pamela to meet to discuss how the groups can partner.  She and Ken will continue to stay in contact with Marilen and will help with the arrangement of the meeting of the two Boards.  Jim Swanson put her in touch with Casey Davenhill, Director of Cherry Creek Stewardship Partners and will look for cooperative events with them as well.

Young Professionals:  Pamela will be placing an ad in the spring newsletter in order to start the process of forming a group.

Colorado Membership Map:  National APWA has completed the membership map showing where Colorado members are located.  It was included in the agenda package.

9. Annual Review of Chapter Administrator  (Steve Glammeyer)

The Board authorized Steve Glammeyer to extend the agreement with revised terms for the Chapter Administrator, Pamela Weimer.

10. National APWA Leadership Training & Membership Summit Update  (Steve Glammeyer, Jodi Lessman, Pamela Weimer) 

Steve Glammeyer, Jodi Lessman and Pamela Weimer attended the National APWA Leadership Training in Kansas City February 28-March 2.  The group felt it was a great event and gave them a chance to exchange ideas with other Chapters.  Some highlights include:

               • Membership:  The importance of showing the value of membership and involvement to all members but most especially the younger generation of workers.  They are picky consumers who want to get the most value for their dollar and will look for what best fits their interests to be involved in.  It is important to invite them to APWA & Chapter events and show them the value of the organization.  Suggested ideas include student chapters, a specific board member position, and junior/student memberships.

               • Scholarships/Internships:  Use of funds to help agencies set up internships to help promote and involve the next generation of workers in the public works profession.

               • Strategies for building effective teams:  how to keep volunteers motivated and inspired.

               • Chapter specific sessions:  National APWA gave several sessions on the “workings” of National APWA, Donald C. Stone Center, and had specific sessions on the new website template and treasurer information.  Jodi Lessman remarked that the Chapter will have to add waivers to events to post on website in order to meet requirements for insurance policies with National.   

11. Past Presidents Action Plan Update  (Steve Glammeyer)

Chapter Activities Review Committee:  Steve Glammeyer reminded committee chairs that the information is due by May 10.  Once the information is compiled, the committee will bring the report to the Board for review and recommendations.

Annual Meeting:  Michelle Stevens handed out information of the work that has been done to this point. 

               • The Board needs to decide if the Annual Meeting will be in place of or in addition to current Chapter events.

               • Research had been done on similar sized Chapters and the events they hold as well as pricing for their events.  After reviewing the calendar of events held in Colorado by various organizations it appears that late summer or late fall would be best for no conflicts.

               • Michelle had also put together a spreadsheet showing estimated income and expenses.  The conference would need to have 200 attendees at $200 each in order to break even.

The importance of needing to do this event very well the first time necessitates that proper planning take place.  At this point, it is difficult to find a facility with openings and get the speakers and agenda in place that would lead to a successful event.  It was suggested that the event be held in 2014.  The group will continue to move forward with event planning and Abel Moreno will give the update at the July Board meeting

12. Congress Chapter Dinner  (Pete Adler)

Pete Adler had sent out a proposal for a dinner cruise to be held on Monday night of Congress so that vendors would be able to attend and would possibly allow for more sponsorships.  The cost would be $110/person for a three hour cruise and dinner; 30 person minimum.  If sponsors are obtained, that will help to lower individual cost.  No comments had been made when the proposal was sent.  The Board directed Pete to make the reservation.

13. Next meeting, date, time and location

The next meeting will be held 9:00 a.m. Friday, July 19, 2013 in Breckenridge at the Terry L. Perkins building.  Tee times will start at approximately 2:00 p.m.  Pamela Weimer will work with James Phelps on the arrangements.

14. Adjournment

Steve Glammeyer adjourned the meeting at 3:23 p.m.


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