November 2013 Chapter Board Meeting Minutes

American Public Works Association

Colorado Chapter Board Meeting Minutes

Friday, November 15, 2013

9:00 a.m.

Fox Hollow Golf Course

Lakewood, Colorado



Steve Glammeyer

Pete Adler

John Kirk

Jodi Lessman

Dave Zelenok

Paul Hindman

Greg Hall

Ken Linhardt

Bob Manwaring

John McCarty

James Phelps

Terry Rogers

Michelle Stevens

Lesley Thomas

Brandon Wallace

Pamela Weimer

Excused Absences:

Jim Hougnon


1. Call to Order  (Steve Glammeyer)

Steve Glammeyer, President, called the meeting to order at 9:07 a.m. and thanked everyone for coming.  The group did self-introductions.  Steve Glammeyer thanked everyone for their understanding of the missed September meeting and remarked that the response to the flooding showed the dedication of those in public works and that there is much to be proud of in this profession. 

2. Approval of Minutes – July 2013 Meeting  (John Kirk)

The July 19, 2013 minutes were distributed in the agenda package emailed to the Board members prior to the meeting. Bob Manwaring motioned to approve the minutes as submitted and John McCarty seconded the motion.  The minutes were approved unanimously.

3. Treasurer’s Report  (Jodi Lessman)

Jodi Lessman reviewed the Treasurer’s Report that had been included in the agenda package and highlighted a few items.

               • The cancellation of the Snow & Ice Conference due to the flooding does affect the budget as income from that event is used to cover operations.  The group discussed the need for the Snow & Ice Conference to have money in the account to pay for deposits and other expenditures prior to the conference.  The Board discussed options including splitting the amount needed from various sources and after a motion from Ken Linhardt and a second from Greg Hall, decided to pull half from the Snow & Ice Conference account and half from the Public Works Institute account.  Board members will speak with the Larry Schneider prior to moving funds to ensure that they can cover their expenses.

               • The Chapter Dinner broke even.

               • Upcoming expenses in the next 90 days include the awards luncheon.

4. 2014 Draft Budget  (Jodi Lessman)

Jodi Lessman reviewed the draft for the 2014 budget noting that the main changes to this year’s budget included the addition of the Public Works Institute and the Annual Conference.  She used Michelle Steven’s proposed budget for the Annual Conference to input those numbers.  Other items discussed:

               • CLTAP had requested $1000 ($500 from the Chapter/$500 from the West Slope Branch) to cover scholarships for members to attend training around the state.

               • CARMA income was zeroed out since membership money has not been deposited in the account.  James Phelps and Steve Glammeyer sit on the CARMA board and will look into the membership dues and get back to Jodi.

               • Annual Conference income is an unknown at this time.  The committee is estimating registration to be $250-$275 for registration to the two day conference.

               • West Slope branch awards approximately $10,000 in scholarships each year.  They have decided to use that money for not only college scholarships but to help agencies pay for internships as there seems to be a better investment of those resources in exposing people to the industry and building that relationship.  They also used $4,000 for scholarships to the Public Works Institute for tuition and travel expenses.  The branch sets their budget at their annual meeting in December after which Jodi will revise the budget to include that information.

               • Pool tournament/golf tournaments:  Previously, these events had generated income for scholarships but are no longer producing any revenue.  The group discussed the option of holding just one golf tournament either in the spring or in conjunction with the Annual Conference and whether they should be considered a fundraising event or a social networking event.  Michelle Stevens will check into rates at the Inverness and discuss at the next Annual Conference committee meeting. 

               • Scholarships: 

The Urban Watershed Scholarship is a pass through item in the budget. 

The Board discussed the line item of educational grants and if that could be used for internships, criteria, and how to award.  Lesley Thomas remarked that the City & County of Denver has a program with University of Colorado at Denver that could be modeled.  Denver has been working with the university to develop a curriculum that the public works field would like to see; allowing input and a conduit to hire people.  This could also be a joint effort with other professional organizations such as ACEC.  Ken Linhardt mentioned that Arapahoe Community College has a public works administration program that covers finance and engineering.  Steve Glammeyer, Lesley Thomas and Dave Zelenok will look into a recommendation for a program in 2014 that could be implemented in 2015. 

Front line scholarships will be used for Chapter Public Works Institute scholarships.

Jodi will revise the draft budget with additional input and send out to the Board.  Pete Adler motioned to approve the amended budget, Dave Zelenok seconded and there was unanimous approval.

5. 2014 Calendar of Chapter Events  (Pete Adler)

Pete Adler handed out the calendar of events for 2014 and went over the dates of conferences and board meetings.  The group will need to decide where to have the January board meeting in the future with the awards luncheon being changed to the Annual Conference in October.

6. West Slope Branch Update  (Greg Hall)

Greg Hall said that the West Slope branch will be holding their Annual Meeting in December in Glenwood Springs.

The Gunnison Snow & Ice Conference went well with an increase in attendance this year.  The West Slope Board will be discussing if they will pay to send the winners of the Gunnison Roadeo to the Western Snow & Ice Conference Roadeo in the future.

The Spring Street Conference is being planned with the committee working on the agenda.  They will be looking at bids for the 2015 conference venue after the upcoming conference.

7. Delegate Report  (Paul Hindman)

There are changes with the House of Delegates as they try to solidify their role.  A task force was appointed and has issued their final recommendations.  The House of Delegates will now be called the Council of Chapters although the delegate title will remain.  Delegates will be limited to serving six years so Chapters will need to align their bylaws to the new term limit.  The full council will meet twice a year; once at Congress and once during the winter.  A regional meeting may still be held.

Paul Hindman has decided to “retire” from his delegate position on the Board.  Steve Glammeyer thanked Paul for his many years of service to the Chapter as a delegate, officer and director.

Appointment of New Chapter Delegate

The Executive Committee met and appointed Dan Hartman as delegate and Dave Zelenok as alternate. 

8. Director’s Reports / Committee Reports

James Phelps reported that the CARMA Winter Workshop will be held November 21 in Castle Rock.

Pete Adler said that he, Jodi Lessman and Pamela Weimer had gone through the old files that had been in storage.  He had found some old award programs and photos that he shared with the group.  Jodi Lessman has been working to scan the old invoices from 2007 that were not in electronic format and then all files will be stored electronically. 

Pete is an accreditation evaluator with National APWA and mentioned that this is a worthwhile venture for municipalities as it requires agencies to look at operating procedures and why/if things should continue to be done in the same manner as well as succession planning.  Other organizations within a municipality get accredited and typically are able to obtain more funding so accreditation is a plus in that respect as well.

Lesley Thomas thanked the Chapter for the opportunity to submit a leadership article in The Reporter recognizing Matt Wager with the City and County of Denver.  She also mentioned that several different research papers on alternative modes of travel are on the forefront in Denver.  She has been sharing research done by APWA with the City and County of Denver which shows the value APWA has for agencies.

John McCarty is on the steering committee for the Public Works Institute.  He was an instructor for the November session and remarked that it is an interesting opportunity to work with the program.  The students are a good mix of positions, experience and agency size.  He encouraged other Board members to consider being an instructor in the future and share their experience.

Terry Rogers said that he is participating in the Public Works Institute and encouraged board members to send employees from their organizations as the Institute provides the educational experience as well as a networking aspect with all different demographics and being able to use those connections as resources.

Steve Glammeyer reminded Board members to review the diversity committee email that had been sent out and update their member profile.

9. Awards Committee  (Pete Adler)

The Awards luncheon will be January 27, 2014 at noon at the Marriott Denver South at Park Meadows.  Pete Adler discussed the changes for the January awards as well as the switch to the October Annual Conference.  Steve Glammeyer, Pete Adler, Terry Rogers, Bob Manwaring and John McCarty will review the award nominations for the January awards.

Complimentary meals

The board discussed a policy on complimentary meals for the luncheon and decided that Board members will pay for their lunches and continue to provide complimentary lunches to the Past Presidents that are invited to the Board meeting and luncheon.

10. Ballot/Nominating Committee Report  (Steve Glammeyer)

Ballots were sent out and are due on November 20.  There was a good response to the call for nominations for director with seven candidates for the three open director positions.  West Slope ballots went out at the same time.

11. Administrator’s Report  (Pamela Weimer)

Newsletter:  The next newsletter will come out after the Awards luncheon in January.  The deadline for article submissions is Wednesday, January 8, 2014.  There was a very positive response to the flood articles and the recognition of the City of Montrose as an All America City.  Pamela Weimer asked the Board to submit suggestions for other similar, local articles.

Awards:  Nominations were due Thursday, November 14.  Pamela has organized them and will get flashdrives to the committee for review.

Western Snow & Ice Conference:  Pamela was the exhibitor coordinator for the conference this year.  She was thankful to the committee for their help as she learned the position and will enjoy the opportunity to see it all the way through.

Congress:  Pamela attended sessions for the website template, Public Works Institute (PWI), marketing and leadership.  She found the PWI session quite helpful for not only receiving information but a chance to talk with other Chapter’s about their Institutes.

Membership:  Membership is currently down 1.60% for the year.

Annual Conference:  Pamela is working with the committee on their administrative tasks.  She also met with Golden Bell Press/Colorado Public Works Journal to discuss the awards issue as well as marketing brochures for the Annual Conference.  They will continue to work with us on the awards issue when we move the awards to October and Pamela will forward the current nominations to them for the January issue.

Public Works Institute:  The Institute is off to a great start and Pamela is helping with the administrative tasks.

Website:  Pamela has gone through a training session on the eval site and has another scheduled for next week.  She hopes to have the new site up around the first of the year.

Past President’s Action Plan-Chapter Activities Review:  After the review process, the form and recommendations were compiled and will be sent out to the committee chairs for use in 2014.  As the forms are returned, she plans to develop resource manuals for each committee that can be used by the committee and passed from chair to chair.

Past President’s Action Plan-Quarterly Networking Events:  ACEC and APWA co-sponsored a panel discussion in October with approximately 40 attendees.  The event was successful with positive comments and feedback.  If Board members have suggestions for future events, please contact Pamela.

Young Professionals:  Pamela has continued to monitor conference calls with National.  She has found two people, Melissa Kudla and Emily Flagg, who are willing to take lead roles with the group.  She will be meeting with them next week and will help them set up their initial event.  The Board approved up to $200 to cover the cost of appetizers at the first group event.

Bylaws:  National recommends reviewing and submitting the bylaws for approval every three years.  The Colorado Chapter bylaws were last reviewed in November 2010 so they will need to be reviewed in 2014.  Pamela will work with Pete on getting the process started.

Social Media:  Facebook is updated with announcements about the awards, upcoming events and photos from the Public Works Institute.  Pamela will suggest that the Young Professionals group set up their own Facebook page as well.

12. Past President’s Action Plan Update  (Steve Glammeyer)

Chapter Activities Review Committee

The form and recommendations were sent out in the agenda package for review.  Hearing no comments from the Board, Pamela Weimer will send out to all the committee chairs for use starting in 2014.

Annual Conference

Michelle Stevens said that the committee researched venues along the front range and mountain areas and found that the Inverness Hotel and Conference Center provided the appropriate space and flexibility needed for the conference and negotiated on pricing.  A survey is currently out seeking input from members on several topics.  Additional surveys are planned.  The theme for the conference is “Facing Challenges Together”.  This aligns with the objective for bringing all demographics of the Chapter together.  Several topics have been suggested but the committee is looking for additional maintenance/supervisory sessions.  There will be three tracks; management, funding, design/technical.  A suggestion was made to include tours of projects.  A call for papers will also be sent out and could include tour suggestions as well.  The committee would also like to find ways to encourage young professional’s attendance as well as college students.  The committee will be working on a marketing/outreach plan for interest in attendance and sponsorships.  A pricing structure will be set up for conference attendance that can also include the awards luncheon and/or evening social event.

13. Next Meeting Date and Location

The next meeting will be held on Monday, January 27, 2014, 9:00 a.m. at the Marriott Denver South at Park Meadows followed by the Awards Luncheon at noon.

14. Adjournment

Steve Glammeyer thanked the Board for the opportunity to serve as President this last year.  He felt it was a really positive experience that he enjoyed and encouraged others to consider serving in the position.  Steve adjourned the meeting at 11:40 a.m.


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