Construction Inspection Virtual Sessions

Construction Inspection Virtual Sessions

The APWA Colorado Chapter held virtual sessions for our annual Construction Inspection Conference.  Descriptions and links to video recordings of the sessions are below.

Session 1 - January 28: Concrete Reinforcement: Preventing Corrosion

Concrete is the universal building material and its many applications present opportunities for a variety of material interactions, some of which can lead to deterioration. Learn about how and why steel corrosion in concrete happens and what can be done to both prevent and repair it. The session will cover types of reinforcing materials and protective coatings for steel, share specific concrete properties and mix requirements that decrease permeability of concrete, and feature live demonstrations of the testing performed to measure concrete permeability. 

Session 2 - February 4: Balanced Mixture Design: The Next Step in High Quality Asphalt Paving Mixtures

The Balanced Mixture Design (BMD) concept is how Asphalt Paving Mixtures (APM) will be designed and constructed beginning now and into the future. The BMD process includes many of the current design processes and procedures as well as performance testing for cracking and for rutting as an integral part of the design and acceptance process. NCAT is leading the research and implementation across the country and is a valuable part of the implementation in Colorado. This presentation will provide a high-level look at the process from concept to implementation.

Session 3 - February 11: Championing Construction with COVID-19 Impacts

While many industries were able to stay at home or work remotely over the past year, construction activities in public works had to continue. This presented a unique challenge and opportunity for those in the industry to serve as leaders while addressing impacts related to COVID-19. We have a strong panel of professionals who will discuss lessons and best practices they have learned to help understand how the essential functions of the construction industry can thrive in these challenging times.

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