Call for Papers - 2021 Annual Chapter Conference

Call for Papers - 2021 Annual Chapter Conference


How can you expect to expand your possibilities if you always stick to the same routine or shy away from getting involved in a role or project that’s not familiar? For this year’s conference we are seeking presentations that deal with the obscure or less familiar side of Public Works. Can you show others how you have ventured into something new by exploring an area or discipline that took you out of your comfort zone? 

Whether you are a consultant or employed in a public agency we want to hear about things that you do that are less well known or not always recognized as public works projects or responsibilities. The opportunities are endless, every organization is structured differently and encompass many different disciplines. Maybe you have projects such as facilities, fleet, sanitary sewer, parks and recreation - who knows what projects you may manage?! Or maybe you have a project that was a complete failure. Don’t be afraid to share it, we can all learn from others’ mistakes and try and avoid these pitfalls in the future. 

We want you to share your creative mindset with others, offering all your ideas, no matter how small they may seem; your idea nugget may spark a new possibility for someone else. The more knowledge you get before attempting something new, the more confidence you’ll have in your ability to handle it. Besides, think of the opportunities that trying something new exposes you to. You’ll never know until you try! Expanding the Pos­sibilities is about realizing the tipping point where enough ideas come together, and the possible combination of these ideas creates an explosion of innovation. These ideas are the building blocks for what we do in Public Works. With enough differently stacked blocks anything is possible; it allows for almost limitless growth and potential. 


  • July 1, 2021 – Abstract submittal forms due
  • July 9, 2021 – Notification of acceptance for presentation at the Conference

NEW THIS YEAR!! Submittals will only be accepted using the submittal form available on the Colorado Chapter website! Please complete the submittal form and return electronically via email by July 1, 2021. We anticipate notifying speakers of their selection by July 9, 2021. 

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