April 2014 Chapter Board Meeting Minutes

American Public Works Association

Colorado Chapter Board Meeting

Thursday, April 24, 2014

1:00 p.m.

Spring Street Conference

Clarion Inn

Grand Junction, Colorado

Meeting Minutes



Steve Glammeyer

Dan Hartman

Pete Adler

John McCarty

James Phelps

Jim Hougnon

Michelle Stevens

Lesley Thomas

Brandon Wallace

Susie Hervert

Sean McCormick

John Harris

Renee Railsback

Terry Rogers

Pamela Weimer

Excused Absences:

John Kirk

Jodi Lessman

Greg Hall


1. Call to Order  (Pete Adler)

Pete Adler, President, called the meeting to order at 1:02 p.m. and welcomed the group after self-introductions. 

2. Approval of Minutes – January 27, 2014 Meeting  (Pete Adler)

The January 27, 2014 minutes were distributed in the agenda package emailed to the Board members prior to the meeting. Jim Hougnon motioned to approve the minutes as submitted and Terry Rogers seconded the motion.  The minutes were approved unanimously.

3. Treasurer’s Report  (Pete Adler)

Pete Adler reviewed the Treasurer’s Report in Jodi Lessman’s absence.  The treasurer’s reporthad been included in the agenda package and highlighted two main items.

        • The Chapter is in an overall good financial position.

        • The Public Works Institute (PWI) is going well and doing well financially.

Steve Glammeyer motioned to approve the treasurer’s report, John McCarty seconded and the report was approved unanimously.

4. West Slope Branch Update  (Steve Glammeyer)

Attendance at the Spring Street Conference is comparable to last year.  There was better weather this year for the golf tournament and it was well attended.  Renee Railsback reported that there were 198 registered for the conference (197 in 2013).  The West Slope Branch awarded seven conference registration scholarships. CARMA members were given a $5 discount on their registration.  There were 60 vendor representatives in attendance for 33 booths.  There were only two unsold booths.

Susie Hervert reported that the West Slope Branch Board has discussed overhauling their scholarship program.  They would like to still do some student scholarships but would also like to fund internships.  They have been researching this option as well as working on the structure of the program.  They also plan to award scholarships for the Public Works Institute since it will be held in a west slope location this next year.  Information about applying will be included in the PWI email that will be sent to west slope organizations.  Susie also commented on her own experience at the Institute as being very positive and feels an important part of the program is the opportunity to meet people from agencies across the state.

Pete Adler thanked the West Slope Board and the conference committee for their work on the conference.

5. Chapter Delegate Report  (Dan Hartman)

There was information included in the agenda package from Dan Hartman with information on the San Diego/Imperial Counties Chapter internship program and the strategic plan that includes Region 9.

APWA created a strategic plan that was adopted in 2010.  National APWA leadership feels now is the time to revisit the plan and update it.  Executive Director Peter King presented the updated priorities recently at a House of Delegates meeting.  There are eight main strategic priorities. The top three are not ranked but include advocacy, professional development and to support and strengthen Chapters.  Advocacy of public works should not just be at the federal level but needs to include the state and local level.  Professional development includes making education a priority from top to bottom in an agency.  The Public Works Institutes and the Donald C. Stone Center help to provide a level of professionalism so that public works can be seen as a career path.  Chapter delegates will become stronger conduits between National and the Chapters.  The strength of APWA is based in the Chapter level.  There are 64 delegates and they will take information from the Chapters to National to help keep the connection strong.  The remaining priorities are ranked in the following order; ensure financial stability, use of technology, grow Young Professionals and Emerging Leaders, Center for Sustainability, and strengthen international ties.

The San Diego/Imperial Counties Chapter developed an internship program since they were encountering an issue that many Chapters deal with; student scholarship recipients not going in to the public works field.  They are working with third and fourth year students by providing money to agencies to defray the costs of internships.  Steve Glammeyer commented that the Colorado Chapter could use this model to tailor our own program so that there would be more return on the scholarship investment.  Susie Hervert noted that a benefit in working with the older college student is that they tend to be more focused and interested in looking more specifically in the public works field.  Dan Hartman said that the City of Golden is working with Jefferson County to develop a 100 hour program that targets engineering.  Lesley Thomas reported that the City & County of Denver has a contract with the University of Colorado-Denver (UCD) where they inform UCD of their needs and UCD does the recruiting.  The Board decided to form committee to look into developing an internship program.  Lesley Thomas, Susie Hervert, John McCarty, Renee Railsback and Steve Glammeyer agreed to sit on the committee.  Dan Hartman could help initially.

Dan also noted that National is concerned about Congress and low attendance since agencies may have problems with international travel.  National has been sending out information on travel, getting passports, costs and alternative travel options such as flying into Buffalo, New York and then driving, or taking a bus or train the 100 miles to Toronto. Information will also be in the spring Chapter newsletter.  The convention center is sold out so vendors are coming.

6. 2014-2015 Public Works Institute  (Dan Hartman)

Dan Hartman reported that the surveys each session reflect that the students feel it is a great experience and value not only the education and training but also the opportunity for networking.  Those connections will give them resources to use the rest of their career.

The PWI Committee plans to host the 2014-2015 sessions on the west slope.  There will be three blocks of four days of sessions so that travel will be consolidated for both attendees and instructors.  Susie Hervert noted that it is a benefit to the class to have a mix of front range and west slope attendees and that meeting monthly allows for that regular networking opportunity.  PWI flyers were included in each Spring Street Conference attendee’s registration bags and Greg Hall and Pamela Weimer spoke at the opening of the session on the first day promoting PWI.  Pamela will be sending out the flyer and application to West Slope agencies on Monday, April 28.  Those agencies will have priority registration until May 31.  There will be a maximum of 20 attendees for this session.  If not all 20 spots are filled by that deadline, registration will open up to the rest of the state on June 1.

The committee will also need to look at trying to align more with the journaling and the pre and post test to allow for easy transfer to the Donald C. Stone Center credentials.

7. Director’s Reports

  • Steve Glammeyer congratulated the Chapter and Pamela Weimer on the newsletter receiving an award from National APWA.

  • Renee Railsback recently presented in Washington DC and Wyoming about the 2013 flooding and how CLTAP and other agencies responded and the lessons learned.  She noted that Public Works departments should work with their councils and boards to promote the importance of preparation for an event and the timing now may help to get support.  Preparing to avoid a problem is easier and less expensive than dealing with the problem.  Michelle Stevens also noted that there will be a speaker at the Annual Chapter Conference that will be discussing this issue.  Dan Hartman commented that the City of Golden coincidentally ran a public works citizens program right after the flooding that was beneficial in getting out information.

  • Lesley Thomas reported that she attended the Envision Conference.  The City & County of Denver is planning to try the program on a project.

  • Lesley also asked if anyone was interested in sitting on an interview panel for hiring a fleet director.  It was suggested to contact the Rocky Mountain Fleet Managers Association and that APWA National offers fleet management certification. 

  • Jim Hougnon informed the Board that he will be moving to Texas so this will probably be his last meeting.  He will stay on the board until he leaves but this will leave a one year vacancy in his director position.  He commented that his experience with APWA has been a career highlight.  Pete Adler thanked Jim for his time and efforts with APWA over the years. 

8. Future Events Updates

Young Professionals (YP) Rockies Night:  The group will be having a Rockies Night on May 21.  Pete Adler was able to help connect the chairs with someone in the Rockies organization to get tickets at a reduced price so that they can make a little money on each ticket purchase.  It was noted that they are a group that is excited to get started.  This group can really help with the transition between college and professional life and provide networking among themselves as well as with the established members.  Dan Hartman noted that the National has placed a lot of importance in forming YP groups.  In the book, Race for Relevance, it states that associations are disappearing partly because of not getting the younger generation not only involved but involved at the leadership level.  Steve Glammeyer reminded the Board of the discussion at the January meeting that as we review the bylaws we planned to look at adding a YP board position and he suggested appointing Melissa Jucha (YP Co-chair) to Jim’s spot when he leaves the board.

Golf Tournament:  The Chapter will be holding only one tournament this year.  It will be June 9 at Todd Creek Golf Club.  Registration is now open online.

Congress Chapter Dinner:  Since the Chapter is not sure what attendance will be, Jill Marilley, Region 9 Director, suggested doing a joint chapter dinner with all the Region 9 chapters.  Pete Adler will work with Jill and the other Chapter representatives to make the arrangements for the Tuesday night of Congress. 

West Slope Snow & Ice Conference:  This conference will be September 4 and 5 in Gunnison.  There will be a golf tournament on Wednesday and the Board meeting will be on Thursday at the Fairgrounds.

Western Snow & Ice Conference:  The Conference will be held in Loveland at the Embassy Suites September 24-26.  The exhibitors will have more room and the option to display some equipment inside as well as increased area outside.  The Roadeo is an adjacent lot allowing attendees to stay in one location and easily access all areas.  The hotel and conference center is located right off of I-25 which may raise attendance with easier accessibility.  The Roadeo is looking at having a Bobcat course and the possibility of bringing back the executive cup.  Jim Hougnon asked about the committee/Chapter making a donation to flood recovery efforts in Estes Park and Pete said he would speak with the committee about it at the next meeting.

Annual Chapter Conference:  Michelle Stevens handed out the proposed schedule.  The committee decided to not have a motivational speaker and instead expand the emergency management/flooding session saving the committee approximately $3000 in speaker fees.  There will be three tracks; management/leadership, technical and maintenance, and financial/funding.  Michelle gave a summary of speakers and topics.  Michelle and Pamela will be speaking with small cities and rural communities to get their input for the remaining open slots.  Renee Railsback suggested a speaker and topic of data access and incorporating into state highway program.  She also asked if CLTAP could use the Awards Banquet to formally recognize the Roads Scholar, Road Master Program.  CLTAP would pay for them to attend the conference and luncheon.  Pete Adler said he thought it could be added to the awards program.  Flyers for the Annual Conference were in all of the Spring Street Conference attendee registration bags and the sponsorship flyer was available on the table of the APWA Colorado booth at the conference.  Currently there is over $11,000 in sponsorships already secured.  Registration will start this summer and there will be an early registration discount.  There will be registration options to include additional people for the social evening, half price student registration and registration for just the awards luncheon.

2014 Awards:  Award nominations will go out this summer with a deadline of July 31 to help meet the deadline for the Colorado Public Works Journal.  Projects eligible for the 2014 award need to have been completed between July 1, 2013 and June 30, 2014.  Pete Adler reported that there will be recognition of individuals for young leader and outstanding public works employee, among others.  This will more closely mirror what national does and the Chapter will be using similar criteria. 

9. Committee Reports

Pete Adler said that he will be working on the Bylaws and will report on the progress at the July meeting.

Renee Railsback has been trying to get an update for Engineering/Technology from the national committee but hasn’t been able to reach anyone.

10. Administrator’s Report

Pamela Weimer highlighted a few of the items/events she has been working on.

  • Newsletter:  The spring newsletter will come out the end of April or the first of May.  The next newsletter deadline will be July 1 and asked the Board to submit suggestions for articles.

  • Western Snow & Ice Conference:  Pamela has been communicating with the exhibitors about the move to the new location.  An email went out to the vendors in March explaining that the conference committee had gone through a thoughtful process but as with any business decision, a sometimes difficult decision has to be made in order to allow the conference opportunity for growth and give the exhibitors and attendees the best experience possible.  Interior and exterior layouts are being completed and those and exhibitor registration information will be going out on May 1.  She also spoke with some of the exhibitors that attend both Snow & Ice and the Spring Street Conference and discussed the plans for the upcoming year.  She has received positive feedback on the move from everyone she has spoken or emailed with.

  • Membership:  Currently the Chapter has 742 members and is down 1.33% for the year.

  • Annual Conference:  Flyers have been designed and printed and Pamela is working with the Colorado Public Works Journal on the awards/conference issue.  Sponsorship registration has been set up on Cvent and opened.

  • Public Works Institute:  This session is going well and the flyers for the 2014-2015 sessions have been designed and printed.  Pamela will be tracking applications for the next session starting April 28.

  • Website:  The new template is up.  There have been some glitches along the way but hope that as we go forward the new site will allow for more flexibility and easier navigation.  We are trying registration for the Rockies Night and the golf tournament on the site to see how registration through the website and National works.

  • Young Professionals:  The group held their first event in February and had over 40 attendees so they are off to a great start!

  • Spring Street Conference:  Pamela enjoyed being able to attend again and have the opportunity to speak with attendees and exhibitors.

11. Next Meeting

The next meeting will be held Friday, July 11, 9:00am at the Terry Perkins Public Works Building in Breckenridge.

12. Adjournment

Pete Adler adjourned the meeting at 3:30pm.


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