July 2014 Chapter Board Meeting Minutes

American Public Works Association

Colorado Chapter Board Meeting Minutes

Thursday, July 11, 2014

9:00 a.m.

Board Meeting

Terry L. Perkins Public Works Building

Breckenridge, Colorado




Steve Glammeyer

Dan Hartman

John Harris

Jodi Lessman

Terry Rogers

Brandon Wallace

Greg Hall

Pete Adler

James Phelps

Lesley Thomas

John Kirk

Pamela Weimer

Excused Absences:

Bob Manwaring

Michelle Stevens

Renee Railsback




  1. Call to Order  (Pete Adler)

    Pete Adler, President, called the meeting to order at 9:26 a.m., welcomed the group and thanked James Phelps for hosting the meeting. 


  1. Approval of Minutes – April 24, 2014 Meeting  (Pete Adler)

    The April 24, 2014 minutes were distributed in the agenda package emailed to the Board members prior to the meeting. Steve Glammeyer motioned to approve the minutes as submitted and Terry Rogers seconded the motion.  The minutes were approved unanimously.


  1. Treasurer’s Report  (Jodi Lessman)

    Jodi Lessman reviewed the Treasurer’s Report that was included in the agenda package highlighting a few items:

  • The Chapter overall is in a good position.

  • The second and third quarter rebates had been received.

  • Events since the last Board meeting included the Spring Street Conference and the golf tournament.

  • Upcoming events in the next 90 days include the West Slope Snow & Ice Conference, the Western Snow & Ice Conference and the Annual Chapter Conference.

  • Cvent registrations were increased by 600 to cover upcoming event registrations.  Since registrations do not roll over year to year, they will be increased as necessary.

    John Kirk motioned to approve the treasurer’s report, James Phelps seconded and the report was unanimously approved.


  1. West Slope Branch Update  (Greg Hall)

    Spring Street Conference

    The Spring Street Conference was well attended.  The Conference made over $5,000 which was a little more than the previous year.

    Steve Glammeyer had put out another request for proposals to area hotels and the conference center.  The West Slope Branch Board discussed the proposals and decided to stay at the Clarion Inn.  The Clarion Inn came in approximately $1,500 less than the next lowest bid. 

    The conference will be moving the golf tournament to Tiara Rado.  The Clarion Inn has two shuttle vans that could be used for getting people to and from the golf tournament. 

    Moving the conference one week later in April worked out well for the weather this year.  The conference committee decided to charge a flat fee in 2015 that will include an interior and exterior space.  The exhibitor fee will increase to $300 from $275.  The outside spaces will be available on a “first come, first served” basis until they are filled.

    West Slope Snow & Ice Conference

    The event will be September 4-5, 2014 in Gunnison.  The Roadeo champion from that event will be sent to the Western Snow & Ice Conference National Snow Roadeo to compete.

    West Slope Branch Annual Meeting

    The meeting will be held in early December.  At that time, John Baker will become president.  The Branch expects to have a couple of board positions open.


  2. Chapter Delegate Report  (Dan Hartman)

    Dan Hartman reported that the change to the Council of Chapters is moving forward.  National APWA has hired someone full time that will be a liaison between National APWA and the local Chapters.

    Congress has sold out 100% on the exhibit floor.  Registration numbers are approaching last year. 

    Membership numbers are up a little this year.  Membership is approximately 29,000.  The organization is financially stable. 

    National APWA would like Chapters to encourage members to use the training available to them as part of their membership; Click, Listen & Learn (CLL) and conferences are available online free to members.  National APWA is also looking into the possibility of making regional/chapter conferences available.  Some Public Works Institutes (PWI) sessions are available online.  The networking and interaction of attending PWI classes is so important that it is best to use this as a tool to make up a class or two but not for all of the instruction. 


  3. Chapter Bylaws Review (Pete Adler)

Items that were brought up during the review of the current bylaws:

  • Reference to Executive committee but there is inconsistency between the “Board” and “Executive committee”.  The group’s interpretation is that the executive committee would be the officers.

  • The House of Delegates will need to be changed to Council of Chapters.

  • The Board would like to add a “Young Professionals” Director position.  The group discussed what the definition of that position would be; no more than seven year work experience, someone in the age group of 20 to 30 years old or a combination of those.  That person should also have a connection to the Chapter’s Young Professionals (YP) group.  Dan Hartman will contact National APWA to see if there is a specific definition is available.

  • Review and update the list of standing committees or categories that the specific committees fall under.  An example is the Public Works Institute would fall under the Continuing Education/Training category.  Most Chapter events would typically fall under Finance/Audit, Continuing Education and Membership.  It would probably be best to leave the categories more general allowing for more flexibility which would probably not need to be revised further.

  • The Board discussed the Colorado Association of Roadway Maintenance (CARMA) and how it functions under the Chapter.  It is a state wide group with its own Board but mainly works with the West Slope Branch in putting on the Spring Street Conference and also a Winter Workshop on the Front Range.  Membership does not sustain it financially.  It may fall more under the definition of a committee rather than an affiliated organization.  Dan Hartman will ask National about how this should function.  Steve Glammeyer and James Phelps will discuss with the CARMA Board.

  • Pete Adler suggested having Brian VanNorman come out for the January Board meeting.  He would be able to provide guidance on the revisions and if National requires certain terminology.


  1. Internship Program Update (Lesley Thomas)

    The Internship Program Committee has held one meeting so far.  Committee members are a good cross-section of the Chapter membership; young professionals, west slope, Chapter Board, etc.  The committee reviewed the presentation Dan Hartman had provided at the April Chapter Board meeting.  The program committee had discussed the direction of the group including being a clearinghouse for internships where APWA members could specify needs and then on the other side have the interns sign up with areas they are available to work in.  Melissa Jucha had researched the posting for educational institutes.

    The committee had also developed a survey that was sent out to the Chapter membership.  The survey asked if agencies used interns, how they are compensated, ease or difficulty in finding interns, if a housing stipend would be beneficial for the agency to provide interns and if there would be interest in using the Chapter as a clearinghouse.  The Board reviewed the results of the survey and commented that the committee seems to be on the right track with the idea to provide a clearinghouse.

    The committee had also reached out to American Council of Engineering Companies but their focus is slightly different.  They would be interested in seeing the responses and seeing what plan develops.

    The Board discussed administrative and financial support.  At this point, administrative support can be provided but financial support would need to be generated.  Identifying a multi-phase approach for the program may be best.

    The Board also suggested having a committee member contact a human resources person to flesh out areas where the program may encounter difficulties.

    Lesley Thomas will take the survey results and suggestions back to the committee to discuss at their next meeting in late July.


  2. Directors Reports

    Lesley Thomas reported that the Denver International Airport hotel should be open in 2016 and the train line will be available as well.  It was suggested that it may be a good place to hold the Annual Chapter Conference (ACC) since the plan is to move that conference to different locations.  Lesley will get the name of the hotel contact for the committee.  There are also tours going on now of the construction that could be an option for the ACC as well.  John Kirk will take these items back to that committee for discussion.

    James Phelps thanked everyone for coming to Breckenridge for the meeting.

    John Harris stated that the City of Montrose recently bought a golf course so the City is learning about managing that facility.


  3. Future Events Update

    Young Professionals:  Pamela Weimer reported that the group has been active with hosting a Rockies Night earlier this summer.  They will be holding the first session of their Career Advancement Series as a lunch and learn on how to give presentations.

    Public Works Institute:  Dan Hartman and Pamela Weimer reported that the 2014-2015 sessions will be held as three four-day sessions in Montrose.  The 2015-2016 sessions will be back in Denver as five two-day sessions.

    Golf tournament:  A summary of income and expenses was distributed to the Board.  The tournament lost $222.  The Board directed for the event to be billed as a social event since it no longer raises funds for scholarships.  Industry representatives report that it costs approximately $92 per person to cover the costs of the fees, prizes, food, etc. so it has become difficult to make a profit.

    Congress Chapter Dinner:  The Chapters within Region IX have decided to do a Region IX dinner rather than separate Chapter dinners since there are only 186 from the region currently registered for Congress.  The fee this year will be $84 person and the event will be held at Splendido Bar & Grill.  The Chapters have been receiving a lot of inquiries about sponsorships.  The flyer was designed and registration has been set up by the Colorado Chapter.  Region IX Director, Jill Marilley, sent the flyer and information out to the chapter delegates and the National Board as well.

    West Slope Snow & Ice:  the event will be held September 4-5, 2014.  The Chapter Board will hold its September Board meeting on Thursday afternoon.  Pamela Weimer will send out a meeting RSVP in August as the Board will join the conference for the BBQ lunch.

    Western Snow & Ice:  Plans are moving along for both exhibitors and the conference speakers.  Registration is open and the mailer will be going out in the next few days.

    Annual Chapter Conference:  National APWA President, Larry Stevens will be attending and giving the opening address on Monday.  Jill Marilley will open the conference on Tuesday.  The agenda is being finalized.  Sponsorships are coming in.  The APWA Colorado Awards Banquet will be on Tuesday. Registration opens next week.  Registration information for the awards banquet will go out after winners are chosen.

    2014 Awards:  There are individual award categories this year.  We need to set up a committee of at least three people to review the nominations.  Steve Glammeyer volunteered to sit on the committee with Pete Adler.  Pete will contact John McCarty to see if he would be able to participate.


  4. Committee Reports

    The committee information had been covered previously in the future events updates.

    A nominating committee will need to be formed.  We will need to fill the president elect and treasurer position.  This will be an item on the September agenda.


  1. Administrators  Report

    Newsletter:  The summer newsletter will come out late July.  The next newsletter deadline will be October 1, 2014.

    Congress:  If there is a session that you would like Pamela to attend, please let her know.

    Committees:  Pamela is busy providing administrative support for the Annual Chapter Conference, Awards nominations and banquet, pool tournament, Region IX dinner, Young Professionals group and the Public Works Institute with administrative support, graphics design, etc.  She is also the exhibitor coordinator for the Snow & Ice Conference where she is working with current exhibitors as well as soliciting for new ones in processing the payments and paperwork.

    The website is current.  We are running the pool tournament registration through the Chapter website.  We encountered a few problems with the Rockies Night and golf tournament registration but National APWA is working to resolve those.

    Colorado membership as of June 30, 2014 is 729 which is down 3.06% for the year.  The West Slope Branch membership is steady at 153.


  2. Next Meeting

    The next meeting will be held Thursday, September 4, 1:00pm, at the Gunnison County Fairgrounds.


  3. Adjournment

    Pete Adler adjourned the meeting at 11:44 am.


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