November 2014 Chapter Board Meeting Minutes

American Public Works Association

Colorado Chapter Board Meeting Minutes

Friday, November 7, 2014

9:00 a.m.

Board Meeting

West Woods Golf Club Clubhouse

Arvada, Colorado




John McCarty

Pete Adler

Jodi Lessman

Michelle Stevens

John Kirk

Greg Hall

James Phelps

Renee Railsback

Dan Hartman

Lesley Thomas

Terry Rogers

Pamela Weimer

Excused Absences:

Bob Manwaring

Steve Glammeyer

Jim Hougnon



Irene Valenzuela





 Call to Order  (Pete Adler)

Pete Adler, President, called the meeting to order at 9:11am and welcomed the group. 

 Approval of Minutes – September 4, 2014 Meeting  (Pete Adler)

The September 4, 2014 minutes were distributed in the agenda package emailed to the Board members prior to the meeting. John McCarty motioned to approve the minutes as submitted and Renee Railsback seconded the motion.  The minutes were approved unanimously.

 Treasurer’s Report  (Jodi Lessman)

Since the last Board meeting, the Snow & Ice Conference and Annual Chapter Conference had been held and were both successful events.

Cvent has been paid for the last year of the contract.  A decision will need to be made next fall to renew, use the Chapter website for registration or go with another provider.  The Board will discuss at the April board meeting.  Lesley Thomas will itemize the specifications for a request for proposal for the Board to review. 

Awards registrations were rolled into the Annual Chapter Conference account since registration for the awards lunch is part of the conference registration.

 2014 Draft Budget  (Jodi Lessman)

Jodi distributed the 2014 draft budget and highlighted a few items. 

  • The Young Professionals committee was added to the budget.  This past year the group received sponsorships for many of their events to help defray expenses. 

  • The Chapter laptop will need to be replaced this coming year.  Lesley Thomas will look into options to replace noting that a large amount of memory is needed since all receipts and documentation is now kept electronically.

  • The Region IX dinner was a loss since the restaurant charged for the estimated amount not the actual amount of attendees.  There will be some reimbursement from the other participating chapters.

  • In 2015, CARMA will not charge a membership fee but will have a registration fee for the Winter Workshop.

  • The West Slope Branch will set their budget at their annual meeting in December.

  • Lesley Thomas and Jodi Lessman will contact Wells Fargo for a list of who has debit cards.  The Board would prefer that all cards be credit cards going forward so those debit cards will be eliminated.

  • The annual audit will take place in March so the committee will be set in January.

 2015 Calendar  (John McCarty)

The 2015 calendar was sent out to the Board previously so Board meetings could be added to board member’s calendars.  There are five board meetings scheduled.  There were a few updates to the calendar including the Spring Street Conference Golf Tournament and the Winter Workshop.  Pamela Weimer will resend the revised calendar to the Board and newly elected Board members.

The January Board meeting will include a visit from Brian Van Norman, National APWA Director of Chapter Relations.  The Board will hold a regular business meeting at the beginning of the meeting and then turn it over to Brian to discuss several topics including membership, bylaws and chapter planning. 

West Slope Branch Update  (Greg Hall)

The West Slope Branch Annual Meeting will be held in December.  John Baker will be the chair and John Harris will be chair elect.  Their elected positions run for two year cycles.  Brandon Wallace will continue to be the Director at Large. 

Final numbers from the West Slope Snow & Ice Conference weren’t available but they did make money on the event.

 Chapter Delegate Report

The National Board adopted revisions to the strategic plan in June and it has been published and available online.  The three core areas that they are targeting are to support chapters, education and advocacy.  The new format of the Council of Chapters has committees that will meet and cover areas such as member recruitment.  He also mentioned that are working to promote the Donald C. Stone Center within the organization.

The attendance numbers at the Congress in Toronto were comparable to the previous year in Chicago.

The next Delegate meeting is in February.

 Directors/Committee Reports

Public Works Institute (PWI)

Dan Hartman had been an instructor the past couple of days at the first session of the 2014-2015 Public Works Institute in Montrose.  He remarked the sessions were going well. 

Bylaws Review

Pete Adler and John McCarty will work on the review prior to the Board meeting in January.


Each year the Board offers agencies that receive awards, the opportunity to have a Board member come present the award at a council or commissioners meeting.  An email will be sent to the contact person for the award with the volunteer Board member’s contact information if they would like to make arrangements with them to make a presentation.  Board members volunteered to visit the following agencies if requested:

City & County of Denver:  John McCarty

City of Golden: Pete Adler

City of Longmont: Terry Rogers

City of Loveland: Pete Adler

Federal Highway Administration: Project of the Year – Dan Hartman

City of Arvada: Dan Hartman

City of Woodland Park (if requested): Lesley Thomas, Renee Railsback or John McCarty

Arapahoe County: Michelle Stevens

Regional Transportation District: Bob Manwaring

City of Black Hawk: Dan Hartman

City of Grand Junction: Steve Glammeyer

City of Fort Morgan: Pete Adler

City of Canon City (if requested): Lesley Thomas, Renee Railsback or John McCarty

CARMA (Colorado Association of Roadway Maintenance)

As the review of the bylaws had started a few months ago, the question of how CARMA functions under the Colorado Chapter was reviewed since they charged a membership fee.  CARMA had originally been started several years ago to provide training.  The CARMA board had met with Pete Adler and Pamela Weimer and had had a good conversation.  The CARMA board discussed the options of functioning on their own, function as a committee under the Chapter or dissolve and it was decided it would be best to formalize the relationship by becoming a committee under the Chapter.  The only real change, starting in 2015, will be that they will no longer charge membership fees but will now charge a registration fee for the Winter Workshop.  They currently have a page on the Chapter website and will provide updates in the Chapter newsletter.

The Winter Workshop currently has 40 registered but typically will have 90-125 attend.  Pamela Weimer will send out the information and registration form.  After the event, Pamela will review the list of attendees and CARMA members for agencies that aren’t in the Chapter database.  She will also do that with the West Slope Snow & Ice Conference.  The group discussed outreach to smaller communities and the eastern plains.  It would be helpful to find out what training would be useful to them since they may not be able to afford PWI.

Annual Chapter Conference

Michelle Stevens, conference chair, said the first annual conference had been held on October 13 and 14 and was a success with a great turnout, large number of sponsors and an impressive array of speakers and topics.  She reviewed the post conference survey results that showed attendees were happy with the format, topics and were very likely to attend the event in the future.  The committee will be sending out a call for papers by the end of the year.  She also reviewed information for holding the conference in Breckenridge next year during the last week of October.  The Board approved holding the conference there in 2015.  They would also like to start looking at holding the 2016 conference at the new hotel at the airport.  Lesley Thomas will look into finding the conference committee a contact.

Awards Luncheon

The awards luncheon had the largest attendance in recent years and was held on Tuesday of the Annual Chapter Conference. 

Snow & Ice Conference

The Snow & Ice Conference had record attendance and filled the interior exhibit floor as well as sold the entire exterior exhibit space plus expanded the area the day of set up in order to meet vendor requests for additional space.  There was also record attendance at the Roadeo.  Pete Adler will remain as the Board liaison to the committee.  The 2015 conference will be held September 30-October 2 at the Embassy Suites in Loveland.

Internship Program

Lesley Thomas gave an update on the program.  The City & County of Denver has a strong internship program in place.  They are willing to work with the Chapter on setting up our program and will help with running it.  Marian Lujan will be our contact.  The committee will customize forms for the agencies and interns to use and then the Chapter will have links to these forms and the City and County of Denver website that will connect the interns and agencies.

 Everyday Lean Innovations

Renee handed out information from the Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT) committee she has been a member of the past couple of years.  There is a national push to promote innovations that promote efficiency, innovations, and streamline processes.  There is funding available to get local agencies to submit ideas for these innovations.  There is an application process and this year there were three agencies awarded; CDOT re-vegetation project, City of Centennial multi-jurisdiction ITS plan and CDOT’s lean innovations.  CDOT is collecting a list of innovations on their website.  Colorado LTAP is working with CDOT on this project and they are trying to promote the available information as well as the application process for next year.

 Upcoming Events

The Winter Workshop will be held November 20, 2014 at the City & County of Broomfield.

The Construction Inspection Conference will be held February 5 & 6, 2015.

 Chapter Leadership Training

National APWA holds Chapter Leadership Training every other year in Kansas City.  The Chapter typically sends the incoming treasurer and the president.  John McCarty and Lesley Thomas will check their schedules and arrangements will be made to attend.

 Ballot/Nominating Committee Report

The ballots were sent out on Monday, November 3 and voting will close on Friday, November 20.  The Board was pleased with the number of applicants for the director positions. 

 Administrator’s Report

Newsletter:  The fall newsletter will come out in the next ten days.  The deadline for newsletter submissions for the winter newsletter is Friday, January 16, 2014.  The fall issue will highlight the Snow & Ice Conference and the winter edition will cover the Annual Chapter Conference and the awards.

Awards:  Registration for the awards luncheon went well with 10 table sponsorships and 244 registered attendees plus speakers and sponsors from the Annual Chapter Conference.  Awarded agencies and their partners were offered the opportunity to order additional awards and that order will be placed next week.

Western Snow & Ice Conference:  Pamela coordinated the registration of the exhibitors.  There were 89 exhibitors, 22 major sponsors and 6 additional exhibitor sponsorships.  All but one of the interior exhibit spaces (140) were sold and all exterior spaces plus expanded space was sold the day of set up.  There was record attendance of over 900.

Annual Chapter Conference:  Pamela handled the administrative support of the conference including registration and the graphics design of the program.

Elections:  The candidate profile information and ballots were put together and confirmed by National APWA.  Jodi Lessman set up the election on Survey Monkey and Pamela will confirm the voters by cross-checking against the membership list.

Membership:  Membership as of September 30, 2014 is 742 which is up 1.78% for the year.

Public Works Institute:  The first class completed the Institute in September and attendees were awarded their certificates of completion at the Awards Luncheon.    The 2014-2015 class is being held in Montrose.  The three four-day sessions will be held November 5-8, 2014, June 24-27, 2015 and July 29-August 1, 2015.  There are 24 enrolled.  The 2015-2016 sessions will be held on the front range and the format will be two day sessions held every other month over the course of a year.  Dan Hartman remarked that the committee feels they will be able to handle 30 students in upcoming classes.  Applications for the 2015-2016 session will come out in the spring.

Pool Tournament:  Pamela set up registration for the pool tournament using the Chapter website.  There seemed to be fewer problems with registration for this event than there had been with the golf tournament.  She informed the Board that committee chairman, Brian Schram, is thinking of moving the tournament to the spring since both the Snow & Ice Conference and Annual Chapter Conference are in the fall.

Award for Chapter Journalism:  Pamela showed the Board the award the Chapter received for Chapter Journalism at Congress in Toronto.

 Next meeting date and location

Pete Adler thanked the Board members for their support this past year.  He had attended many committee meetings and the events this past year and remarked that it was an exciting year with new things going on in the Chapter.

The next meeting will be held Friday, January 30, 2015, 9:30am, The Den at Fox Hollow Golf Course in Lakewood.


Pete Adler adjourned the meeting at 12:23pm.


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