January 2015 Chapter Board Meeting Minutes

American Public Works Association

Colorado Chapter Board Meeting Minutes

Friday, January 30, 2015

9:30 a.m.

Board Meeting

Fox Hollow Golf Course

Lakewood, Colorado




John McCarty

Pete Adler

Michelle Stevens

John Kirk

John Harris

Kimberly Dall

Brandon Wallace

Renee Railsback

David Bennetts

Bob Manwaring

Dave Schmit

James Phelps

Dan Hartman

Lesley Thomas

Pamela Weimer


Brad Patterson, APWA National

Call to Order  (John McCarty)

John McCarty, President, called the meeting to order at 9:32am and welcomed the group including special guest, Brad Patterson from APWA National.  The group did self introductions

 Approval of Minutes – November 7, 2014 Meeting  (John McCarty)

The November 7, 2014 minutes were distributed in the agenda package emailed to the Board members prior to the meeting. Pete Adler motioned to approve the minutes as submitted and Michelle Stevens seconded the motion.  The minutes were approved unanimously.

 Treasurer’s Report  (Lesley Thomas)

An updated Treasurer’s Report had been distributed by email to the Board members prior to the meeting.  Lesley Thomas and Jodi Lessman had met and transitioned all items over to Lesley.  Lesley has been working with the Wells Fargo banker assigned to our account to get the accounts transferred over as well as confirming the people who should be signers on each account as well as hold credit cards.  They are still in the process of transferring the investment accounts over.  Dave Bennetts motioned to approve the treasurer’s report, Bob Manwaring seconded and the report was approved.

Lesley handed out three policy requests:

Policy Request #1:  For various accounting reasons, we would like to recommend that the use of debit cards by members is discontinued, and that credit cards and deposit-only cards be issued to current debit card holders.  This best practice will improve cash flow, allowing upcoming expenses to be handled in the most prudent and efficient manner.  Advantages to such a change include elimination of concern regarding misuse of debit           cards and a reduction in accounting issues arising from collection of cash receipts.  In addition, this change necessitates the adjustment of existing spending limits to work within our $48,000 credit limit.  We hope this adjustment will be an encouragement to members to deposit checks in a timely manner.  Check deposits are simplified by the use of deposit-only cards; however members can still deposit checks using traditional deposit slips if they choose to do so. 

Cash transactions should be virtually eliminated upon adoption of this policy, however if use of cash is necessary, cash withdrawals can be made upon approval of the Chapter Treasurer.  The Board supports this policy

Policy Request #2:  After review of APWA National requirements and observation of past practice, we recommend that the following position-holders be made the sole signers on the Chapter’s bank accounts:

For Committee Accounts:  National, Chapter Treasurer, Chapter President, Past Chapter President, Future Chapter President, Committee Chair, Committee Treasurer.

For the Operating and Registration Accounts:  National, Chapter Treasurer, Chapter President, Past Chapter President, Future Chapter President.

NOTE:  Signers for Western Slope and Snow and Ice may need to vary based upon their committee structures.  

Since each change made requires the approval of all signers, we would like to update this list on an annual basis.  Pete Adler motioned to adopt as board policy, Bob Manwaring seconded and the policy was approved.

Policy Request #3:  To facilitate expedited submittal of the Proposed Chapter Budget Report and Chapter Form 1099 Input Report due annually on January 15th, we propose the following instructions for committees:

•  Submit an annual budget for your event including projected expenditures and revenues

•  Submit an annual budget to the Executive Committee

•  Submit W-9s to the Chapter Treasurer when invoices are submitted (invoices will be paid upon receipt of both documents)

•  Submit receipts/lists of door prizes, awards, and drawings within 30 days of your event

Timely collection and organization of these documents will greatly improve the ease of this process, especially for future Treasurers.  Pamela Weimer will send the form used for the Chapter Activities Review to Lesley to incorporate the instructions.  Michelle motioned to approve the policy, Lesley seconded and the policy was approved.

2015 Budget Approval (Lesley Thomas)

Lesley Thomas motioned to approve the 2015 Budget submitted at the November Board meeting.  Pete Adler seconded and the Budget was approved.  The budget report has been sent in to National.  Renee Railsback clarified that the money allotted to LTAP is for supervisory skills training and/or the Road Master program.  The board directed Renee to distribute the funds.

 a.  Audit Committee:  John Kirk, Bob Manwaring and Lesley Thomas volunteered to sit on this year’s Audit Committee

West Slope Branch Update (John Baker)

John Baker reported that one of the Branch’s goals this year is to reach out/communicate to smaller communities and educated them about APWA and how it can be beneficial to them especially with membership benefits of Click, Listen and Learns and InfoNOW.

The Branch will be holding its Annual Meeting in December.

The conferences held on the West Slope continue to do well.

The Branch is looking at funding more scholarships and the intern program as well as scholarships for employees seeking more training such as the Public Works Institute.

Chapter Delegate Report (Dan Hartman)

Dan Hartman will be attending the winter meeting in February in Kansas City that will be held in conjunction with the Leadership Training. 

Dan reported that subcommittees are working on different programs.

National is looking at ways to streamline the Donald C. Stone Center programs and modifying turnaround times.  One item being considered is to put mentors in the Public Works Institute training to work with small groups within PWI so that both requirements are fulfilled at the same time.  The Northern California Chapter is currently doing this and Dan would like to try it with our Institute.  It will be discussed further at the February meeting.

Director’s/Committee Reports/Upcoming Events

The Board reviewed the Chairs and Liaisons list that was in the agenda package.

Public Works Institute: There are 27 enrolled in the 2014-2015 session.  John Harris commented that the attendees from the City of Montrose are really enjoying the session.  Applications for the 2015-2016 session will go out in February.

Spring Street Conference:  The schedule is being finalized and a keynote speaker has been chosen.

State Transportation Innovation Council (STIC):  Renee Railsback submitted an update for the winter newsletter.

Young Professionals (YP):  The Young Professionals group will be holding a networking event in the next few weeks and would like to have board members attend if possible to allow the YP’s the opportunity to meet and interact with them.

Internship Program:  Lesley Thomas has asked the committee to have a face-to-face meeting prior to the April Board meeting in Grand Junction.

Annual Chapter Conference:  The theme for the 2015 conference is “Building Resilient Communities”.  A call for papers will be issued in the next few weeks.

Awards:  The awards program runs from July 1 to the following June 30 of each year.  The awards luncheon will be held on Monday, October 26 in Breckenridge at the Annual Chapter Conference.

CARMA:  The committee is looking for a location to hold the Winter Workshop on October 15.

Colorado Municipal League:  The Colorado Chapter provides a speaker for their annual conference each year.  This is an opportunity for the Chapter to promote APWA.

Chapter Dinner:  Pete Adler has been in contact with Region IX Director, Jill Marilley, and they have been discussing if there will be another regional dinner at Congress this year instead of individual Chapters.

Construction Inspector Conference:  The conference will be held February 5 and 6 at The Wildlife Experience. 

Spring Golf Tournament:  The golf tournament will be held June 9 at Mariana Buttes in Loveland.

Pool Tournament:  The pool tournament will be held at Wynkoop Brewery but no date has been set.

LTAP:  Renee Railsback reported that she developed a training session on the topic of public works role in emergency response and employees as first responders after the 2013 flood.

ACEC:  Pamela Weimer will remain in contact with Marilen Reimer to cross promote events between the organizations.

Administrator’s Report

Newsletter:  The next newsletter will come out in the next couple of weeks.  The next deadline is Friday, April 3, 2015.  The winter issue is covering the Annual Chapter Conference and Awards and the spring issue will cover the Construction Inspection Conference.

Western Snow & Ice Conference:  Pamela has been working on confirming last year’s exhibitors for the 2015 conference.  She has confirmed 69 out of the 89 confirmed.  Some needed to wait until the first of the year for their budgets so she will be following up with them in the next few weeks.  At the 2014 conference, we sold 138 of the 139 interior spaces and we’re able to oversell exterior spaces; 134 sold of an original layout of 130.

Annual Chapter Conference:  Pamela continues to provide support to the committee.

Public Works Institute:  Information and applications will be available in February for the 2015-2016 session.  Pamela will have brochures available at the Construction Inspection Conference and the Spring Street Conference along with other APWA & Chapter materials.

Spring Golf Tournament:  Mark Proper, committee chair, has contacted Pamela and plans are underway for the spring tournament.  She will be preparing the flyer and will set up registration on the Chapter website.

Membership:  Membership as of December 31, 2014 is 744.  Membership is up 2.06% for the year.  West Slope Branch membership has stayed steady at 156 members (as of 1-22-2015).

Next meeting date and location

The next meeting will be held Thursday, April 23, 2015, 1:00pm in Grand Junction.


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