April 2015 Chapter Board Meeting Minutes

American Public Works Association

Colorado Chapter Board Meeting Minutes

Thursday, April 23, 2015

1:30 p.m.

Board Meeting

Clarion Inn

Grand Junction, Colorado


John McCarty

Pete Adler 

Michelle Stevens 

John Harris 

Kimberly Dall 

Renee Railsback 

David Bennetts 

Bob Manwaring 

Dave Schmit

James Phelps 

Dan Hartman 

Lesley Thomas 

John Baker

Sean McCormick

Steve Glammeyer

Greg Hall

Excused Absences:

John Kirk

  1. Call to Order  (John McCarty)

    John McCarty, President, called the meeting to order at 1:32pm and welcomed the group.  The group did self-introductions.

  1. Approval of Minutes – January 30, 2015 Meeting  (John McCarty)

    The January meeting minutes were previously distributed in the agenda package that was emailed to the Board members.  Dave Schmit motioned to approve the minutes as submitted and Pete Adler seconded the motion.  The minutes were approved unanimously.

  1. Treasurer’s Report  (Lesley Thomas)

    Lesley Thomas announced that a new laptop was purchased for the treasurer position.

    An updated Treasurer’s Report had been distributed by email to the Board members prior to the meeting.  APWA has received the membership rebates for completing and turning in the paperwork to National APWA. 

    Lesley has been working with the Wells Fargo banker to get the accounts transferred over and finalizing the people who need to provide wet signatures on each account.   Lesley is the only one that can change items on the accounts but others with access can view the information. 

    The annual audit was turned in on April 14, 2015 by John Kirk and Bob Manwaring. 

    Dave Bennetts motioned to approve the treasurer’s report, Bob Manwaring seconded and the report was approved. 

  2. Chapter Administrator (John McCarty)

    Pamela Weimer has been serving as Chapter Administrator for the past three years.  John McCarty and Michelle Stevens conducted Pam’s performance review last month.

    The Board discussed a pay raise for Pamela based on her performance.  Dan Hartman motioned to renew Pamela’s contract and the pay raise discussed by the Board.  David Bennetts seconded the motion and it was approved.

  3. Bookkeeper (John McCarty)

    Lesley Thomas has brought it to John McCarty’s attention that she and her assistant are putting in 40 to 50 hours a month as treasurer.  The group agreed this is too much for a volunteer position.  Lesley noted that Pete Adler and Jodi Lessman did a great job to get us to where we are today, which is why the treasurer position does not take a lot more time.  Options considered included paying a bookkeeper and splitting the duties.  Lesley prepared a task summary for treasurer and bookkeeper duties.  Pam had also checked with several other APWA Chapters to see if anyone was using a bookkeeper.  A spreadsheet was provided in the packet with information on other chapters and how they handle the treasurer/bookkeeping position. To add bookkeeping as an additional duty, we would need to revise the administrator contract and receive approval from National APWA.  If it is a temporary task, then the contract does not need to be amended or go to National.  The bookkeeper would be about 10 to 15 hours per month.  John and Michelle had discussed this option with Pamela and she believes she can help with these duties.  The Board discussed how to cover the additional costs associated with the bookkeeping duties including savings from using a new event registration site and/or interest from investments.  We may want to try and transition over the next few months using investment funds and the clause in the administrator contract for additional hours for some tasks.  Lesley could bring Pam up to speed over the next few months.  The Board felt that $3500 seemed a reasonable amount for the additional hours.

    Dan Hartman suggested setting aside some money so Pam and Lesley can coordinate a transition prior to the end of the contract with Cvent.    Pete Adler and Bob Manwaring will assist John and Michelle on the transition with Pam under the current contract.

    The Board thought internal controls and splitting responsibilities make sense.   John McCarty also suggested having a CPA review the responsibilities.

  4. Registration Fees (Lesley Thomas)

    Lesley Thomas noted that some events by the Chapter did not break even .  The  Colorado Chapter should change our target from break even to providing a cushion (seed money for the next event) and raise registration fees or reduce expenditures accordingly to prevent from losing money on some events.

    One suggestion was to have committees set budgets to include a 5% cushion.  Credit card fees also need to be taken into consideration since they can include as much as 4% additional fees.  Planning for expenses should be in the 5-7% range when doing budgets.  We need a board Policy for budget planning events.  Lesley noted that the Chapter has investment funds that could be drawn down to a certain amount.  The Board should discuss what would be a reasonable amount to maintain in the checking account to cover an emergency.  The Board suggested having the CPA provide an opinion of what would be a reasonable amount.

    Dan Hartman made a motion that all event chairs should target revenues of 110% of planned budget/expenses (setting registration fees) as a guide but to not make this a barrier from wanting to try new things and be innovative.  This amount includes event fees, registration site and bank fees, and a cushion.  Michelle Stevens seconded the motion.  The motion passed.

  5. Colorado Engineering Council Invoice (Lesley Thomas)

Lesley Thomas received an invoice from Colorado Engineering Council for $100.  This did not seem to be an organization that the Chapter supports and was not sure of the value.  Lesley will contact the representative and identify the reason for the invoice.

  1. Professional Manager of the Year (John McCarty)

    In the handout for the meeting is a congratulatory letter to David Hollingsworth, City of Loveland, as the APWA Professional Manager of the Year in Water Resources.  He will be recognized at Congress.

  2. Other Organization Participation (John McCarty)

    APWA is supporting the WTS reception for CDOT Executive Director Shailen Bhatt by distributing event information.  The door charges should cover the event cost.  WTS has not requested financial support.

    APWA is partnering with ASCE on a sustainable design presentation.  Information is in the handout provided at the Board meeting and will be held May 7, 2015.  It is $700 for expenses, but any amount would be appreciated by the organization.  Bob Manwaring made a motion to help sponsor for a total of $200.  Dan Hartman seconded.  The motion passed.  Lesley Thomas will need an invoice. 

  3. Congress Region IX Dinner (John McCarty)

    The Region IX dinner at Congress will be at Rustler’s Rooste on Tuesday, September 1, 2015.  Jill Marilley, Region IX Director, and Pam are organizing the dinner.

  4. Chapter Level Training on the Self Assessment / Accreditation Program offered by National APWA (John McCarty/Dan Hartman)

    Ann Daniels of National APWA Accreditation, will bring a training seminar to Colorado.  Pamela can send something out to the membership to see if there is interest in hosting.  The cost is approximately $1500 for the training.  The board will discuss this item further at the July meeting once they see what agencies may be interested in hosting.  There have been over 100 agencies accredited with Greeley being first and Golden was the thirteenth. 

  5. West Slope Branch Update (John Baker)

    Spring Street Conference- John Baker and Renee Railsback reported that over 200 attendees are at the Spring Street Conference.  Registration breakdown is 151 registered attendees, 13 scholarship recipients for local agencies, 7 speakers, and 38 vendors and additional representatives.

    Spring Street Conference Golf Tournament- There were 13 golf teams, which is three more than past tournaments.  There was also a “hole in one” sponsor.  The Clarion Inn provided a shuttle to Tiara Rado as a perk in the contract.

    West Slope Internship Program -John Harris spoke about a West Slope pilot internship program to promote public works.  John has prepared a draft application and asked for feedback on the application by May 22.  Lesley Thomas has a form that fits right in and will discuss the Chapter program versus West Slope program later in the meeting.

  6. Public Works Institute (John Harris)

    John Harris stated that the next Public Works Institute session is in June. There are 24 participants and the final session for this term is in July. 

  7. Colorado Public Works Journal (John McCarty)

    The Colorado Public Works Journal has offered us a 500-600 word space to provide an article in the Journal each quarter.  John McCarty will do the spring and summer edition.  Someone from Snow and Ice Conference can add to the summer-fall edition and Michelle Stevens and Abel Moreno can provide an article for the Annual Chapter Conference and Awards Banquet for the summer-fall edition.  The fall-winter edition deadline is October 2.  Michelle suggested having an article regarding the national and local technical resources that APWA provides.  APWA provides broader available information that is not used as often as it should be.  Dan Hartman will assist with writing such an article.

  8. Director’s/Committee Reports/Upcoming Events

    Young Professionals (YP):  YP will be hosting a Rockies Game on May 20, 2015.

    Annual Chapter Conference:  Michelle Stevens reported that the hotel contract was signed for the venue in Breckenridge.  The Call for Papers is out and papers are due May 15, 2015.  The committee is pursuing West Slope vendors since they do not believe that all of the Denver area vendors for the past conference may make the trip to Breckenridge.  James Phelps is assisting with locating brewpubs in Breckenridge for a Sunday night event. 

    APWA Leadership Conference:  Dan Hartman reported on the recent Leadership Conference.  He emphasized that National has many services available and have not been as proactive in getting that information in front of members as might be needed.  Membership benefits include Click, Listen, and Learns (CLLs) and past Congress information.  National is focused on agency memberships for the front line people or some type of auxiliary memberships.  There may be an option for membership, but not full membership, that is targeted for street crews.  Another emphasis is education.  The Council Chairs for the Donald C Stone Center had a long discussion about how accreditation moves forward to make Public Works more of a profession.  They will meet in June to formulate something to put before the National APWA Board and announce at Congress.

    There is a Chapter Professionalism award given out every year.  John McCarty mentioned pursuing the PACE Award but noted that advance planning is needed to submit.

    Internship Program:  Lesley Thomas noted that Marion Lujan is retiring from the City & County of Denver internship program and so they needed to rethink the program.  This program could begin any year and can start anytime.  There were several forms developed for the internship program that were distributed and discussed at the meeting.  The Young Professionals group could be mentors.  A new leader will need to be found to replace Marion.

    The Chapter is not ready to institute this program at this time and funding will need to be discussed in future budgets.  We may start a funding program once we see how the West Slope program works and then provide seed money for the program.      This will be discussed at the July board meeting.  Lesley Thomas will send information to John Harris  and John Baker, West Slope chair, to review with John McCarty.  Dan Hartman also has information from San Diego that he will send to John Harris to work with, including a contract.  A contract needs to be approved by National APWA.  John McCarty, Pete Adler, and Michelle Stevens will meet and discuss who could be a front range representative for the committee.

    APWA Chapter Exchange Web Series: National has requested that the Colorado Chapter provide two webcasts that highlight the services we offer our members.  They have requested one for the YP group and one on how we reach out to the maintenance and operations folks.  Michelle noted that this is a 5-15 minute webcast based on a 5-6 slide PowerPoint.  National then records audio to go with the slides.  They would like to complete this in May.  Melissa Jucha from YP would be the logical candidate for YP and Doug Legg from the Snow and Ice committee would  be a potential candidate for maintenance.  Michelle will reach out to Melissa and Kimberly Dall and Michelle could assist.  John McCarty will reach out to Doug.

    National Committees on Transportation and Small Cities/Rural Committees:  Renee Railsback has submitted applications for both of these committees.  Brian Usher is to go through applications for appointments in the next few weeks.  .

    CARMA:  There were 13 recipients from the West Slope this year for Spring Street Conference registration.  Next year, they will send a letter to the agencies to let them know about the scholarship. 

    Young Professionals:Kimberly Dall reminded everyone of the upcoming Rockies game.  She reported that the Happy Hour at Fados had a decent turnout with great networking. 

    National Public Works Week:  Kimberly Dall reported that the City of Brighton is promoting it and does a proclamation.  James Phelps said that the Town of Breckenridge also does a proclamation.  John McCarty reported that the State of Colorado Governor’s proclamation has been requested.

    Spring Golf Tournament:  The golf tournament will be held Monday, June 8, 2015 at Mariana Butte Golf Course in Loveland.

  9. Next Meeting Date and Location

    The next meeting will be held on Friday, July 17, 2015, 9:00am, in Breckenridge.


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