July 2015 Chapter Board Meeting Minutes

American Public Works Association

Colorado Chapter Board Meeting Minutes

Friday, July 17, 2015

9:00 a.m.

Board Meeting

Terry L. Perkins Public Works Facility

Breckenridge, Colorado




John McCarty

Pete Adler

Michelle Stevens

John Kirk

John Harris

Kimberly Dall

Dan Hartman

David Bennetts

Dave Schmit

James Phelps

Lesley Thomas

Pamela Weimer

Excused Absences:

Bob Manwaring

Renee Railsback







 Call to Order  (John McCarty) 

John McCarty, President, called the meeting to order at 9:07a.m. and welcomed the group.  The group did self-introductions. 


  Approval of Minutes (John McCarty) 

The April 23, 2015 minutes were distributed in the agenda package emailed to the Board members prior to the meeting. John Kirk motioned to approve the minutes as submitted and Dave Bennetts seconded the motion.  The minutes were approved unanimously.


  Treasurer’s Report  (Lesley Thomas) 

Lesley Thomas introduced Christy Sandt who assists Lesley with the Treasurer duties. 

The Treasurer’s Report was sent out prior to the meeting in the agenda package.  Lesley reviewed the following items:

Golf Tournament:  There was a small loss.

Registrations:  Cvent and National APWA checks for event registrations have been deposited.

Upcoming Events:  Region IX Dinner and the Snow and Ice Conference take place before the next Board meeting.

Expenses: Committee expenses and the co-sponsorship of the CDOT reception.

Annual Chapter Conference:  Lesley submitted the credit information for The Village for the conference.

Accounts:  Lesley has had the debit cards turned over to credit cards, removed former committee members from accounts and added new members. Transitioning from debit to credit cards allows for credit cards statements to be itemized.  Lesley commented that she would rather pay large invoices by check requiring two signatures.


West Slope Branch Update (John Baker)

John Baker reported that Brandon Wallace, Mike McAndrews and Pat Henricksen had vacated their West Slope Branch Board positions.  An email has been sent to West Slope Branch members and the Board has received interest from four people.  Once the deadline is reached the Branch board will vote on replacements. 

The Public Works Institute being held in Montrose is going well.

The Spring Street Conference went well and had record attendance.  The Branch awarded eleven conference scholarships.

The Branch Board has instituted their internship program and has provided funding for two agencies; City of Montrose and City of Steamboat Springs.

John will be attending the Gunnison Snow and Ice Conference and will promote APWA membership and the Public Works Institute.  The Branch will also be sending the Roadeo winners from Gunnison to the Western Snow & Ice Conference and National Roadeo in Loveland.

The Board asked John to help promote the Annual Chapter Conference since it is being held in Breckenridge in October.

The CARMA Winter Workshop will be held at the Town of Parker on Thursday, October 15, 2015.


Chapter Delegate Report  (Dan Hartman)

Dan Hartman reported that Peter King, National APWA Executive Director has resigned to take a new position in Washington State.  Larry Frevert, a former APWA President, will be interim director.  National APWA has hired a search firm and expects the search process to take six to nine months. 

The National Board would like to see more involvement with the Donald C. Stone Center (DCSC).  They would like it to be accepted practice for the credentials offered by DCSC to be common in the hiring process and have been looking at how people currently in those positions can become credentialed without going through a lengthy process.  A draft of a temporary alternative credentialing path has been submitted to the professional development council of the National Board.  At the Chapter level we need to encourage qualified people to become credentialed so that it becomes accepted practice.

Enrollment for the Emerging Leaders Academy is currently open and suggested encouraging employees to apply.  The application deadline is August 14 and enrollment is limited to 16 people.

Dan also mentioned that National is looking at a reduced membership price for maintenance type employees.  The membership may not include all benefits but would provide access to educational information.


Chapter Bylaws Review (Pete Adler)

The Board reviewed the suggested changes that had been sent out in the agenda package.  Some of the revisions were from the new model from National and some were tailored to specific Chapter needs.  Summary of changes:

  • Article II, Section 2.  Adding language recommended by the APWA model bylaws updated in September 2014.

  • Article II, Section 3.  This change puts into the bylaws an Executive Committee policy adopted a few years ago.  The situation can arise due to budget cuts of the employers where expenses to go to board meetings are not available.  Part of this policy is an emphasis the Chapter President should attend Congress each year, and if the President's employer does not provide funds to attend, the Chapter will cover up to $2,000 of their expenses.  That expense is budgeted by the Colorado Chapter annually.

  • Article VI, Section 1.  This language designates one Chapter Director as an Emerging Professional Director.  The definition of an Emerging Professional is later in the bylaws.

  • Article VI, Section 6.  Substitutes the term "House of Delegates" with "Council of Chapters."

  • Article VI, Section 6.  We remove the final sentence as redundant and not necessary.

  • Article VI, Section 8.  The Designation of the Emerging Professional is stated and what it means is defined.

  • Article VI, Section 9.  Adding the term "Immediate" for "most recent.".  The reference to Immediate Past President is elsewhere in the bylaws already.

  • Article VI, Section 9.  This revision formally removes the Vice-President position from the bylaws.

  • Article VII, Section 1.  The Executive Committee has had a lot of discussion about the committee structure and the relationship we have to major conferences and activities.  This committee structure recognizes the operation of the Chapter, and formalizes our relationship with the Colorado Association for Roadway Maintenance, Western Snow and Ice Conference, and Annual Conference.

  • Article VII, Section 6.  Addition of language recommended in the model bylaws.

  • Article VIII, Section 2.  Addition of language recommended in the model bylaws.

  • Article IX, Section 2.  After discussion, the Executive Committee determined that only four meetings are needed per year, knowing additional meetings can be called.

  • Article XII, Section 2.  The Chapter Bylaws required a group of 50 or more members necessary to petition to form a branch.  The model bylaws recommend a group of 10 or more members necessary to petition to form a branch.  The Executive Committee discussion looked at 10 as a low number but 50 was high.  The consensus was that 20 or more members would work well for Colorado.

  • Article XII, Section 6.  Addition of language recommended in the model bylaws.

Dan Hartman motioned to approved the revised bylaws for submission to National APWA.  Lesley Thomas seconded and the motion was approved unanimously.

The West Slope Branch should review their bylaws every three years as well.  John Baker will discuss with the Branch Board at their annual meeting in December.


Bridge Building Contest Scholarship through ACEC (John McCarty)

The American Council of Engineering Companies (ACEC) has asked if we would like to continue to participate in the Bridge Building Contest Scholarship.  In the past the Chapter has awarded a $250 scholarship to the 2nd place winners in Regions 1 and 2.  The Chapter Board would like to continue with the scholarship program.  Pamela will notify Marilen Reimer.


Chapter Level Training on National APWA Self-Assessment / Accreditation Program (John McCarty / Dan Hartman)

National APWA will send Ann Daniels, Director of Accreditation, if there is enough interest from local agencies and districts.  There are currently close to 100 accredited agencies.  We would need to get three to five organizations interested in attending.  The costs associated with Ann’s visit would be covered by the agencies and the Chapter.  Dan Hartman and Pete Adler will contact cities, counties, and agencies for interest.  Many agencies are already doing the majority of requirements but are not aware of the accreditation process.



Internship Program Update (Lesley Thomas)

The West Slope Branch awarded two $3,000 internship scholarships to the City of Montrose and the City of Steamboat Springs.John Harris said their intern had started two weeks ago and will spend two weeks in each division before finishing in engineering with a project.The Branch Board plans to send out the information earlier next year to generate more interest.

The Chapter will be observing how the West Slope program works and review the program and process to see how it could be implemented on the front range.

The Chapter will also recognize the interns at the Awards Luncheon.


Future Events Update

Public Works Institute:The final session of the 2014-2015 session will be held the last week in July in Montrose.There are currently 24 enrolled in the 2015-2016 session that will be held at the Southeast Metro Stormwater Authority (SEMSWA) office starting in November.

Spring Golf Tournament

Pete handed out the Chapter Activities Review Form including the income and expenses but the credit card fees and one refund were not included in those numbers.Mark Proper will be working on the tournament again next year.

Congress/Region IX Dinner

The Region IX Dinner will be held at Rustler’s Rooste in Phoenix.Dan Hartman will invite the attendees from New Zealand and Australia.

Pool Tournament

The Board discussed moving the Pool Tournament to be held during Public Works Week in May and agreed that it would be a good idea.The Young Professionals (YP) group would be invited to make it a networking event for their group.Melissa Jucha, YP chair, had also suggested having a YP member paired with an older APWA member.Pamela Weimer will notify the pool tournament and YP chairs of the recommendation.

West Slope Snow & Ice Conference

Marlene Cosby handles the conference in Gunnison.The golf tournament is held on Wednesday and the conference starts on Thursday.

Western Snow & Ice Conference

Pete Adler reported that planning is going well.Brian Usher, current President-Elect, will be attending.The committee consolidated the evening events into one social event to be held on Thursday.This year will once again have the Supervisor Certificate Workshop and new this year will be the Traffic Incident Management program.

Annual Chapter Conference

Michelle Stevens handed out the flyer that will go out in the Spring/Summer newsletter. Periodic notifications will be sent out by email.Sponsorships are available and the sponsorship flyer will also be included in the newsletter.

2015 Awards

The email announcing nominations were open went out on June 19.The deadline for nominations is August 7.John McCarty, Pete Adler and Michelle Stevens will be judging the nominations.


Director’s Reports

Michelle Stevens reported that the Young Professional slides for the web exchange series had been sent to National.The other submission will most likely be about the Roadeo.

John McCarty reported that the Low & Slow Tour with Aileen Cho and Dan McNichol was in town in June and met with the Regional Transportation District.They were having car trouble but the City & County of Denver were able to repair “Mrs. Martin”, the nickname for the 1949 Hudson Commodore they were driving. John also took them to dinner.John will invite them to attend the Region IX dinner as guests of the Colorado Chapter.

John reviewed an email sent out to the Board detailing some activities of the Emergency Management committee.


Administrator Report (Pamela Weimer)

Newsletter:The spring/summer newsletter will come out the week of July 20th.The next submittal deadline is Friday, November 6, 2015.The fall issue will cover the Snow & Ice Conference and the winter issue will cover the Annual Chapter Conference and Awards.

PACE Award:Pamela reviewed what items are needed to submit for the Presidential Awards for Chapter Excellence (PACE) award and the deadlines involved.The will be sending an email to the Board asking for assistance with a few of the items.

Region IX Dinner:Pamela has been working on the arrangements with Jill Marilley, Region IX Director.There are currently six sponsors.She will send out email invites to the conference registrants.

Western Snow & Ice Conference:Work continues on filling exhibitor spaces and getting the required paperwork in from each exhibitor.The mailer has gone to the publisher and registration is now open.

Awards Program:The award nomination forms were emailed out on June 19.After the committee reviews the nominations, Pamela will provide the information to the Colorado Public Works Journal and order the awards.

Annual Chapter Conference:Pamela continues to work with the committee and will be working on setting up Cvent for registration.

Public Works Institute:Pamela attended the June session in Montrose.The students will be presented with their certificates at the Awards luncheon.  24 of the 30 spots have been filled for the 2015-2016 session.An announcement will be in the spring/summer newsletter.

Pool Tournament:Pamela will contact Brian Schram, pool tournament chair, and Melissa Jucha, YP chair to make arrangements for holding the event during Public Works Week.

Young Professionals:Since the pool tournament will be held during Public Works Week, the YP group will look to move their Rockies night to later in the summer.The YP group has asked the Board/Chapter to participate in a “Professional Speed Meeting” event where YPs and APWA members would be matched up for sport periods of time to discuss specific times.The Board agreed that this would be a good event and would like to do it during the January to March timeframe.Pamela will contact Melissa to make the arrangements.

Cvent and other quotes:Pamela received a proposal from Cvent and is looking at other companies that provide the same service.She will be attending a conference for event planners at Coors Field on July 30th that will have some options for conference software as well.She will send a comparison spreadsheet to the Board after she receives all the quotes so that they can review prior to the September Board meeting.

Membership:Membership as of June 30, 2015 is 748.Membership is up 2.61% for the year.West Slope Branch membership has stayed steady at 159 members.

Next Meeting Date and Location:

The next meeting will take place on Thursday, October 1, 1:00pm at the Embassy Suites in Loveland during the Snow & Ice Conference.


John McCarty adjourned the meeting at 11:47am.


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