October 2015 Board Meeting Minutes

American Public Works Association

Colorado Chapter Board Meeting Minutes

Thursday, October 1, 2015

1:00 p.m.

Board Meeting

Embassy Suites

Loveland, Colorado




John McCarty

Pete Adler

Michelle Stevens

John Harris

Kimberly Dall

Dan Hartman

David Bennetts

Dave Schmit

Bob Manwaring

Renee Railsback

James Phelps

John Baker

Kimberley Dall

Lesley Thomas

Pamela Weimer

Excused Absences:

John Kirk



  1. Call to Order  (John McCarty)

John McCarty, President, called the meeting to order at 1:04pm and welcomed the group and our special guests, Brian Usher, APWA National President and Jill Marilley, Region IX Director.  The group did self-introductions. 

Jill Marilley thanked the Colorado Chapter for help in organizing the Region IX dinner and updated the group on activities occurring at the National level. 

  • Fiscal Year Transition: Jill is planning to do a phone call in a couple of weeks with Region IX chapter representatives to discuss treasurer reporting moving to a fiscal year to align with National APWA. 

  • Membership:  National is looking at membership options for operations/maintenance people as well as Young Professionals (YP).

  • Executive Director:  Peter King resigned earlier this year to take a job in Washington.  Larry Frevert is the interim director.  They will look for the replacement to have visionary, forward thinking.

  • National Snow Roadeo:  Jill and Bo Mills, Region IV Director, have started a conversation at the National level about a roadeo.  At this point it is still just a discussion as they look at options of our official designation of the roadeo, doing something at Congress or doing nothing.  If it progresses to a committee discussion, Colorado will have a seat at that table, most likely the Snow & Ice committee chair, Larry Schneider.


  1. Approval of Minutes (John McCarty)

The July 17, 2015 minutes were distributed in the agenda package emailed to the Board members prior to the meeting.  Dave Bennetts motioned to approve the minutes as submitted and John Baker seconded the motion.  The minutes were approved unanimously.


  1. Treasurer’s Report  (Lesley Thomas)

    The treasurer’s report was sent out in the agenda package.  Lesley has reviewed the Chapter budget and related that facility and catering expenses are the largest expenses.  It is important for committees to review those costs and think through pricing strategies in order to make sure that they cover those expenses.  Committee budget numbers are based on trends as opposed to submitted budgets.

    Lesley will have the budget ready for review and approval at the November board meeting.

    The bank is working to get credit cards with the correct credit limits to those that were discussed at the July board meeting.

    The Snow & Ice conference paid for a Costco membership that the rest of the Chapter can use as well.  Becky Sullivan, Snow & Ice, and Pamela Weimer will have the cards.  It is a business membership so we will earn 2% back on purchases.


  2. Cvent Management Software (Pamela Weimer)

    Pamela reviewed various event management sites/software and narrowed it down to a few that offered options for registration (not ticket based), support, check in, name badges and mobile apps and submitted pricing to the executive committee. In reviewing our contract with Cvent, in order for us to terminate we would have to submit a notice to them 60 days in advance of our contract end date.  This date was prior to the date of the board meeting so the information was sent to the executive committee to make a decision.  The sites reviewed came in at similar pricing although some did it in different formats.  Cvent charges a per transaction fee based on the number of transactions purchased and length of contract.  Other companies charge a percentage of the registration fee and additionally a per transaction fee.  There would still be a need for a credit card processing fee with all of the companies which would be either through them or through our bank.

    Pamela also reviewed each committee’s needs for registration of their events.  We have been running the golf tournament, Rockies night and pool tournament on the Chapter website and haven’t had any problems.  Based on the committee needs, it was determined that all of the Chapter events except for the Snow & Ice Conference could be run on the Chapter website.  Because of the complicated needs of Snow & Ice, she discussed the options with Larry Schneider and Becky Sullivan, Snow & Ice committee chair and treasurer respectively, and they determined that it would be best for that committee to stay with Cvent and agreed to cover the cost for the Cvent contract.  The contract will be reduced just to the number of transactions that Snow & Ice needs.  If a problem would arise with other committees and they would want to return to Cvent, we can add additional transactions to the Cvent contract at any time and that committee would be responsible for those charges.


  1. CARMA – Winter Workshop Registration  (Lesley Thomas)

    Lesley spoke with Mark Johnson, CARMA treasurer.  Registrations will go into that account and then it will be moved to the committee account minus bank charges. 


  2. Chapter Delegate Report (Dan Hartman)

    The Board had previously discussed bringing Ann Daniels, National APWA Director of Accreditation, to Denver for a workshop that agencies could attend to learn more about accreditation, the process and to ask questions.  Several agencies have expressed interest in attending the workshop.  She will be in Colorado in November to meet with Arvada on their accreditation.  Pete Adler will check to see if it would be possible to tie it in with that trip.  Once we have more information, an announcement can be sent out.

    Dan Hartman mentioned that one way that accreditation may help agencies is with insurance.  Police agencies receive a discount from CIRSA for being accredited.  Accredited agencies were in the bottom 5% for claims compared to all agencies.  CIRSA is going to look at this issue.


  1. West Slope Branch Update (John Baker)

    John Baker reported that the Branch lost three directors this past year but replaced them with other members to finish their terms.  In the upcoming election, they will have the secretary and three board positions open.

    This past year, the west slope branch started an internship program.  The City of Montrose and the City of Steamboat Springs each received $3,000 to help fund their internship program.

    The Branch Board will review the bylaws, budget and scholarships at their meeting in December.  They will also be looking at how they can better support West Slope communities and how APWA membership can benefit them with the member’s library, information on the website, etc.


  2. Nominating Committee / Board Elections (Pete Adler)

    Pete will head the nominating committee that needs to consist of three past presidents plus two additional members. 

    We will be approving the bylaws revisions on the ballot.  We will designate a director to the “Emerging Professional” Director slot and then that spot will come up for election in 2016.


  3. Future Events Update

    1. Western Snow & Ice Conference (Pete Adler) 

      Pete reported that there were over 1000 registrants and over 80 vendors that filled added spaces.  Sessions were well attended and the Roadeo went well. 

    2. Annual Chapter Conference (Michelle Stevens)

      The program will be emailed out and posted on the Chapter website.  Speakers are set as well as casino night.  Sponsors continue to come in.  The YP group is going to help with the mobile app and moderating sessions.  The conference will also be providing rooms for public works directors and the YP group. 

      The committee has begun to look at a venue for 2016 in the Denver and Colorado Springs areas. 

      Brian Usher remarked that committees can make a request for a National presence at any event.

    3. 2015 Awards (John McCarty)

      Pete, Michelle, and John chose award winners.  There were fewer nominations this year.  John suggested that committee chairs talk about the awards program at all of the events. 

      John had a meeting with Jo Taylor from the Colorado Public Works Journal and mentioned that we should try to promote CPWJ as part of our events as they devote two of their issues to Chapter events; the Snow & Ice and Awards issues. 

    4. CARMA Winter Workshop (Renee Railsback)

      The Winter Workshop will be held at the Town of Parker’s new facility on October 22.  The registration fee will be $25.  John Baker will ask Larry Schneider to mention the workshop during his announcements at the Snow & Ice conference. Renee will send information to Pamela to get registration set up on the Chapter website.


  4. Director’s Reports

    The Board discussed the benefits in making a bid for the 2020 Congress.  Dan Hartman mentioned that it generates a new generation of people involved with APWA since it requires so many volunteers; it strengthens the Chapter.  Proposals will be due in 2016.

    John McCarty reported that he attended the president’s forum at Congress.  He remarked that a couple of Chapters are doing training for mechanics/fleet managers. Renee Railsback said that LTAP would like to do more with those same groups so she would be willing to help.

    Lesley Thomas recently visited Amsterdam with a group from the City & County of Denver to learn more about the green lane project.  She has reference material if anyone is interested.  CDOT is planning a transportation conference on October 27.

Renee Railsback reported that the LTAP Board has two open positions.  They are looking for towns, specifically, to participate.  The Wyoming LTAP center is working with CDOT on a low volume roads survey and encouraged everyone to fill out the survey.  She also mentioned the State Transportation Innovation Council (STIC) had money left over last year and there will be new money available in 2016.  Renee has information for those that are interested. She also mentioned that John Polhemus has retired and Steve Marshall resigned from the CARMA board so there are two open positions.  They may make some changes at this time of transition.  If you are interested in being on the committee, please talk to Renee.

Michelle Stevens is working on areas she would like to focus on during her presidency in 2016; the YP group, internships and technical committees.  If you have suggestions, please send them to her.  The YP webcast done by Melissa Jucha and Kimberly Dall was very well done and should be available on National’s website in October.  Brian Usher reiterated the importance of utilizing the YP group and keeping them involved.

Kimberly Dall mentioned that the YP group is still planning to do the “speed meeting” with experienced members to share their experiences.

Pete remarked that this will be his last official board meeting since he will be unable to attend the November meeting.  He has enjoyed his eight years on the Board and thanked the Board for the opportunity.


  1. PACE Awards Submittal (Pamela Weimer)

    Pamela Weimer is working on the items needed for the submittal.  It was decided to do a food drive during the Annual Chapter Conference for our community service project.  She still needs volunteers to write diversity and sustainability articles.  She will send out another email request.


  2. Administrator’s Report (Pamela Weimer)

    Newsletter:  The next newsletter deadline is Friday, November 6.  The fall issue will cover the Snow & Ice Conference and the winter issue will focus on the Annual Chapter Conference and Awards Luncheon.

    Region IX Dinner:  The final summary was sent out to the Board in the agenda package.  The dinner was a success and we have received several compliments on the event.

    Western Snow & Ice Conference:  Pamela worked with the exhibitors again this year as well as providing support in other areas.  There were 83 exhibitors with some existing exhibitors expanding their spaces.

    Awards Program:  Awards have been ordered and work continues on the program, PowerPoint and taking orders for additional plaque orders.

    Annual Chapter Conference:  Administrative support is being provided to the committee in preparing for the conference.  Pamela will also be doing a mobile app for the conference.

    Public Works Institute:  Planning is well underway for the 2015-2016 session that will start on November 5.  The session will be held at the SEMSWA office.  We will once again be submitting for CEU’s for this year’s sessions.

    Membership:  Membership as of September 30, 2015 is 736.  Membership is down 1.6% for the year.  West Slope Branch has stayed steady at 160 members (as of 9-14-2015/stays within 2-3 members of that number).



  3. Next Meeting Date and Location:

    The next meeting will be Friday, November 13, 2015, 9:00am at The Den at Fox Hollow.


  4. Adjournment

    John McCarty adjourned the meeting at 3:30pm.


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