November 2015 Board Meeting Minutes

American Public Works Association

Colorado Chapter Board Meeting Minutes

Friday, November 13, 2015

9:00 a.m.

Board Meeting

The Den at Fox Hollow

Lakewood, Colorado


John McCarty

John Baker

John Harris

Dave Schmit

James Phelps

Michelle Stevens

Dan Hartman

John Kirk

Renee Railsback

Dave Bennetts

Kimberly Dall

Lesley Thomas

Pamela Weimer

Excused Absences:

Bob Manwaring

Pete Adler


Christine Sandt

Call to Order  (John McCarty)

John McCarty, President, called the meeting to order at 9:10a.m.  John thanked the group for their efforts and support this past year.

Approval of Minutes (John Kirk)

The October 1, 2015 minutes were distributed in the agenda package emailed to the Board members prior to the meeting.  Renee Railsback noted that STIC needed to be revised to State Transportation Innovation Council.  Dave Bennetts motioned to approve the minutes and John Kirk seconded the motion.  The minutes were approved unanimously. 

Treasurer’s Report  (Lesley Thomas)

The treasurer’s report was sent out in the agenda package.  Events that had occurred since the last board meeting were the Snow & Ice conference, Annual Chapter Conference, Awards Luncheon and the CARMA Winter Workshop.  It was noted that the Region IX Dinner had been finalized but the final bill for the Annual Chapter Conference has not been paid.

Michelle Stevens still hasn’t received her credit card and John Baker needs a credit card.  Lesley Thomas will get those set up.  Each committee chair/treasurer has access to view their account online and the Executive Committee can see all the accounts. 

Lesley met with Christine Sandt and Pamela Weimer on how we can streamline the processes and work with providers.  This past year Christy had spent approximately 40 hours a month doing bookwork with approximately half of that time being spent tracking the event charges through Cvent and Wells Fargo credit card processing for those registrations.  Christy had done an analysis of credit card fees.  Using Wells Fargo to process the Cvent fees would run between 6-12%.  Under National, fees run around 3-3.5%. We have asked Cvent for a proposal to have them process the credit card.  The Board gave approval to sign a contract with Cvent for processing credit cards if the fee is less expensive.

The Board also supported setting up a Dropbox for committee chairs and treasurers to use for receipts, invoices, deposits, W9’s, contracts, etc.  This should allow for a faster, more efficient system.  This system will be reviewed and instructions provided to committee chairs and treasurers at the January onboarding session.

Expenses are tracked by conference totals and also by line items such as food, venue costs, etc.

John Kirk motioned to accept the Treasurer’s report, Michelle Stevens seconded and the report was approved.

2016 Budget (Lesley Thomas)

The Executive Committee has been working to refine the budget.  Lesley had emailed out five years of expenses/revenue/actuals.  The budget that has been set for 2016 is a balanced budget.  The proposed budget will use all the dollars to keep the Chapter running as it has been but balancing some of the line items out and adding $6000 for internships in addition to the West Slope internships.  Scholarship amounts will remain the same.  Line item 670 has been added for subcontractor fees such as graphics designer, administrator, website hosting, etc. 

Reserves will be kept in order to pay bills that come in prior to revenue, as well as a reserve for bookkeeping fees.  The Executive Committee was conservative in their estimates in order to make sure that the Chapter stays in the black.  Revenues have been trending up but so have expenses. Registration estimates were kept low to be conservative.  Reserves are kept in a conservative investment fund.  It will be important for us to keep a healthy reserve fund if we decide to make a bid for PWX in 2020.  The Board would like to include a line item for a bid in the next budget as there are significant expenses associated with hosting PWX.

The West Slope Branch will be reviewing their budget at their December 3, 2015 meeting. 

It is very important to emphasize monitoring expenses and revenue each year during the onboarding training at the January meeting.

Each year the budget is monitored and managed as we move through the year. 

John Kirk motioned to approve the proposed 2016 budget, Dave Bennetts seconded and the proposed budget was approved unanimously.

Lesley Thomas noted that National APWA has notified Chapters that they will need to convert from calendar to fiscal year to align with National.  Two options for the conversion are offered by National:

Option A (preferred):  Begin fiscal year reporting on July 1, 2016.  This would mean adopting a 6 month budget that runs from January 1 to June 30 and then adopt a full fiscal year budget for July 1, 2016 to June 30, 2017.  The 6 month budget is due January 31, 2016.  The 2017 fiscal year budget is due July 31, 2016.

Option B:  It would be business as usual for 2016 and then we would need to convert in 2017.  Bi-annual financial reports will be required during the calendar year 2016 reporting period.

The group discussed what would be the best option for the Chapter and after considering pros and cons for each, the Board decided Option A would be best.  Michelle Stevens motioned to institute Option A, Dan Hartman seconded and the Board unanimously approved Option A.  Michelle Stevens will sign the form and Lesley will submit it to National APWA by the due date of January 15, 2016.  The Board asked John Baker to notify the West Slope Branch of the change to their budget and submit the 6 month budget to Lesley. 

2016 Calendar (Michelle Stevens)

The 2016 calendar was part of the agenda package distributed prior to the meeting.  Michelle reviewed the events for 2016.  Renee Railsback noted that CARMA tried to move their event to October in 2015 but ended up having to move the date twice so she is not sure if they will keep it in October or go back to November.

We plan to do a detailed calendar with deadlines for all of our events.  This will be part of the onboarding session in January.

West Slope Branch update (John Baker)

The West Slope Branch will be holding its annual meeting on December 3.  At that time they will work on the 6 month budget and bylaws.  Once they have revised their bylaws, Pamela will forward to National for approval and then send out to the West Slope Branch members to vote on.  They will meet again in March and will review the scholarship program at that time.

The West Slope Branch continues to reach out to communities with educational opportunities, scholarships and the internship program.

Delegate Report  (Dan Hartman)

The Donald C. Stone Center Public Works Executive class is filled for this year.  They will open another 25 spots in April.  The credential requires 10+years managerial experience including 15 years in public works.  National APWA will start advertising the program after the first of the year.

We will be reporting our committee chairs and liaisons for technical committees to National after the January board meeting.

Directors / Committee Reports

Accreditation:  There are seven agencies interested in attending the accreditation workshop that the Chapter is sponsoring in December.  We haven’t received the costs for travel and hotel for Ann Daniels as of today.  We will be charging each agency that attends a fee of $100 to help cover those costs as well as the continental breakfast and lunch.  We are not limiting the number of attendees from each agency.  If an agency would like a council person or commissioner to attend, they should come for the first hour when she does an overview of the program.  After that the presentation becomes more detailed on the process.  Dan Hartman motioned to approve the Chapter covering the remaining costs.  John Kirk seconded and the motion was unanimously approved.

Roadeo:  There has been a discussion at the National level concerning the creation of an APWA National roadeo competition.  National APWA will be forming a task force to discuss.  They have asked for a representative from the Colorado Chapter.  The Board has appointed Pete Adler as our representative.  The task force will make a recommendation to the National APWA Board.  The Board has asked Pete to keep Larry Schneider, Snow & Ice committee chair, in the loop of communication.

Investment of Chapter Reserves:  National APWA offers investment portfolios to chapters.  There are no minimum requirements.  It may be a benefit to use this opportunity through National because of the transitions of officers.  Lesley Thomas will look into the option.

Community Service Project:  The food drive that we ran in conjunction with the Annual Chapter Conference went well.  We donated several boxes of food to the Family & Intercultural Resource Center in Breckenridge.  The Board thanked James Phelps for delivering the donations to the Food Bank.

2016 Presidency Platform:  Michelle Stevens discussed the items she would like to work on during 2016 including internships, working with the Young Professionals group and reaching out to that age range and the PACE award.

Annual Chapter Conference:  Michelle stated that the conference had gone well.  Attendance was lower than what was needed but there had been an increase in west slope attendees which was one of the goals.  The post-conference survey had just been completed and the committee will be reviewing those results.  They have not received the final bill from the hotel yet.

John Kirk:  John thanked everyone and stated it had been a pleasure to work with everyone on the Board the last several years.  John McCarty thanked John for service as secretary since 2008.

Colorado LTAP:  Renee Railsback said that she was very close to hiring a trainer to work with her at LTAP.

2014-2015 Public Works Institute:  John Harris reported that a couple of people on the west slope had not been able to attend the Awards luncheon in October so he has been able to present them with their certificates at their town board meetings.

Upcoming Events Update

January Board Meeting - onboarding 

Lesley Thomas, Christy Sandt and Pamela Weimer will be working on the agenda for the onboarding session in January that will provide information to committee chairs and treasurers as well as new Board members.

Construction Inspection Conference

The conference will be held February 4 & 5, 2016 at The Wildlife Experience in Parker.  Pamela has been in contact with Wanda DeVargas, committee chair, and will be working with Wanda and the committee as they plan the 2016 conference.

YP Event Update

Kimberly Dall  reported that the YP group had done a great job as moderators at the Annual Chapter Conference.  They have another year of networking and educational events planned for 2016.  They will be holding the “speed meeting” event in March, another session of the Career Advancement Series in April, the annual pool tournament in May, a Rockies game in June and a chapter wide networking event in September.

Nominating Committee / Elections Report

Ballots have been emailed out and voting will end on November 20 for both the Chapter and West Slope Branch.  The revised Chapter bylaws were also included on the ballot for approval.

Administrator’s Report

Fall Newsletter:  The newsletter will come out in the next couple of weeks depending on when the remaining articles come in.  This issue will focus on the Snow & Ice Conference and the 35th anniversary of the conference.  The winter newsletter will come out early February and will cover the Annual Chapter Conference and Awards.  The deadline for the winter issue is Friday, January 15, 2016.  The email request for articles will be sent out the first part of December.  There is always an open request for articles on a project or relevant issue.

Annual Chapter Conference:  The conference went well with 158 attendees including speakers and sponsors.  The committee will start planning for the 2016 conference by the end of the year.

Awards:  The awards luncheon was held on Monday of the Annual Chapter Conference.  There were an additional 50 attendees just for the luncheon.  There were fewer nominations this year.  The Chapter will be working with the Town of Telluride to submit the Colorado Project of the Year at the National level.  An email had been sent to each of the winners offering a board member to attend a council/commissioner’s meeting.  If Pamela hears back from any agencies, she will forward the information and date to the Board to volunteer if they are available for the presentation.

Elections:  We set up the election on the Chapter website for the first time this year.  So far, she has not heard of any problems and voting is occurring.  She will report the new Board to National once the election is over.

Public Works Institute:  The first sessions of the 2015-2016 class were held November 5 & 6 and the group got off to a great start!  The class is at full capacity of 30 and we are holding seven spots for the 2016-2017 class.

PACE Award:  Articles on sustainability and diversity will be in the fall newsletter.  We ran the food drive at the Annual Chapter Conference that met the community service requirement.  Pamela participated in a conference call earlier this week put on by Rhonda Wilhite that provided information on submitting for awards and PACE.  We will need to work with the Town of Telluride for the Project of the Year submission and the City of Fort Collins for Larry Schneider’s nomination as a Top Ten Leader of the Year.  She asked for Board members to volunteer to help her work on the paperwork and submissions, especially if they had familiarity with the process.

Pool Tournament:  Pamela met with Brian Schram, committee chair, and Melissa Jucha, YP chair, to discuss the 2016 tournament.  Brian is planning for the Friday of Public Works Week (May 20).  He will be confirming the date and time in the next few weeks.  It will most likely be at The Wynkoop Brewery since that location accommodates the event quite well.  Registration will open in February and will be looking to offer a discounted rate for YP members to encourage them to attend as a networking event.

Colorado Public Works Journal (CPWJ):  John McCarty has volunteered to do the Chapter article for the next issue.  The next two deadlines will be February 26, 2016 and April 1, 2016. 

Young Professionals:  The YP group would like all the Board members to attend the “speed meeting” event.  Once the date and location have been confirmed, Pamela will send that information out to the Board to put on their calendars.  The group is working on obtaining sponsors to cover the cost of appetizers.

Onboarding session:  Pamela will work with Lesley and Christy on the agenda and presentation for the onboarding session in January.  They will be covering the Chapter Activities Review Form, registration for events, reporting to the Treasurer and how to use Dropbox for receipts, invoices, etc.

Membership:  Membership as of November 9, 2015 is 735.  Membership is down 1.6% for the year.  The West Slope Branch stays steady.  They currently have 159 members and typically stay within 1-2 members of that number.

Next Meeting Date and Location:

The next meeting will be Friday, January 22, 2015, 9:00am, at Fossil Trace Golf Course in Golden.


John McCarty adjourned the meeting at 12:08pm.


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